Most Important Duties and Rules for Security Guards


While police officers respond to crimes in a matter of minutes, they are generally not at the scene as crimes happen or before they take place. However, private security officers are, and can often stop a crime from occurring or alert authorities in time for the incident to be contained. But to do so effectively, security guards must follow many basic rules and perform a variety of duties during their shift. If you have questions regarding the most common and important security guard rules and regulations, here are some important tips to remember from Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Always Be Visible

As one of the most basic rules security guards follow, being visible at all times is considered an effective deterrent to criminal and other illegal activity. Whether it is potential shoplifters in a store, employees who may be planning to steal items from a warehouse, or criminals trying to determine if they can break into cars at an apartment complex, having security guards who are highly-visible will often stop these activities before they start.

Be Alert and Vigilant

Along with visibility, a security guard should also be alert and vigilant. fo instance on a gated communities where guards are in a post. Considered one of the most important rules for the night security guard, this will allow the guard to know when something looks or feels wrong. By combining their knowledge and experience with a keen sense of intuition, both people and property can remain safe.

Respond Quickly to an Emergency

When a crisis situation occurs, security guards must be able to respond immediately. Whether it is a medical emergency, shooting, break-in, or other situation, the guard’s initial reaction can make all the difference. By being able to analyze the situation quickly and make the appropriate decisions, an emergency can be kept under control under first responders arrive on the scene.

Observations and Reports

No matter their assignment, it is critical security guards be able to not only make keen observations of people and surroundings, but also prepare detailed reports for their supervisors, law enforcement, and others who need to be made aware of what is happening. Whether this involves written reports, making phone calls, or sending text messages, being able to send clear, concise, easy-to-understand reports can keep everyone safer.

Call for Help

No matter how well-trained security guards may be, they also need to know when it is time to call for help. By getting police to the scene as fast as possible, it is likely many lives will be saved.

Always Follow Proper Procedures

If there is one aspect of security guard rules that is perhaps most important, it is always following proper procedures. If this is not a top priority of a security guard, it is almost certain problems will develop. For example, by failing to properly search individuals before they enter a building or event, it becomes more likely a weapon will be smuggled inside, possibly leading to tragic consequences. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations always requires officers to strictly follow established procedures at all times.

Maintain Order

Whether at a concert, festival, sporting event, or other large gathering of people, it is imperative the security guard maintain order at all times. By doing so, they can prevent unnecessary violence, crowd stampedes, or other dangerous situations from developing.

Excellent Customer Service

When security guards are assigned to receive employees and visitors at a front entrance of a building, they must always exhibit excellent customer service skills. While of course representing Ranger Guard and Investigations, they are also the face of the company or organization where they are assigned. Thus, they should always be friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable.

Security and Safety Precautions

In many cases, security guards are required to explain security and safety precautions to employees and visitors. A critical security rule in any setting, this can mean the difference between people having a safe and normal day or finding themselves possibly facing a life-or-death situation. Thus, a security guard should explain all rules and regulations in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

Specialized Duties

Since no two security assignments are exactly alike, a security guard must be able to adapt to their surroundings and perform specialized duties as needed. For example, this can include taking phone calls, running an errand, or even supervising children until they are reunited with their parents. Whatever the case may be, an adaptable security guard is an effective security guard.

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