Night Security Guards


Whether it’s an apartment complex, office building, industrial facility, or another venue, it goes without saying crime can happen at anytime day or night. Therefore, it’s often necessary to have an overnight security guard on duty in an effort to deter those who may be seeking to do harm to people or property. However, since providing security at night entails numerous factors, it’s crucial to work with a security agency that understands the complexities involved in nighttime security. If you are in need of overnight security services, here are some details to keep in mind when choosing a private security firm.

Patrol Services

Unfortunately for businesses and properties such as apartment complexes, criminals choose to do many of their deeds at night. Whether committing acts of vandalism, trespassing, burglary, or even acts of violence, the fact is anything and everything happens after dark. Because of this, night security guards rely heavily on their ability to provide mobile patrols that are designed to keep criminals wondering what will happen next. To do so, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains its officers to use very specific patrol techniques, all of which are done randomly wherever they may be. By always using different routes and times to check on properties, Ranger overnight guards make sure criminals are never able to know where or when they will be patrolling. In using this strategy, many of Ranger’s clients that use overnight security report criminal activity decreases by 20 percent or more within only a few weeks, proving Ranger’s patrol strategy is indeed effective.

Armed Security

For a night guard security to ensure all goes well, it’s sometimes necessary to be armed. This is especially true if guarding expensive equipment at an industrial facility, or priceless treasures at a museum. And when a guard is assigned to an area that has high crime rates, it may be necessary to be armed as well, such as when guarding an apartment complex. In any of these situations, it’s important for the officer to be well-trained in the use of firearms, and also be able to exhibit the sound judgement needed when being given this immense responsibility. Thus, any Ranger officers given these assignments receive extensive training in firearms, and must also pass the proper certification tests before starting an assignment. And in addition to this, these officers also undergo very detailed background checks, aptitude tests, and drug testing to make sure clients have the best possible officers keeping them safe.

Prior Experience

Since nighttime security offers up numerous types of challenges, Ranger puts a premium on prior experience when giving these assignments to its officers. Because of this, many overnight security officers possess prior experience in military operations or civilian law enforcement. By having this experience, these officers not only have training in surveillance, patrol techniques, firearms, and other related areas, but also have been exposed to many situations that are similar to those they may encounter when providing overnight security. Thus, clients will know the officers in charge of their security will be able to handle any situation that may develop.

Specialized Services and Training

In the event a dangerous or life-threatening situation develops during their shift, overnight security guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations are sometimes provided additional specialized training, depending upon the site for which they will be in charge. Examples of this specialized training include K-9 search and patrol, first aid/CPR, access control, high-tech surveillance, and other services as deemed necessary for the assignment. In having this training, overnight guards will be able to provide medical care, as well as other procedures that may mean the difference between life and death until first responders arrive.

Enforcement Through Reinforcement

For any officer on an assignment, it’s vital to have the communication skills needed to interact with various people. Unfortunately, there are times when a trespasser or other individual will attempt to turn a verbal confrontation into one of physical violence. To keep this from happening, Ranger Guard and Investigations trains its officers in a unique approach known as Enforcement Through Reinforcement. By using various types of communication techniques, officers are usually able to deescalate verbal situations prior to them becoming physical. Considered an essential element of modern private security, these techniques have proven to be very effective.

Discuss Your Security Needs

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