Sporting Event Security

When thousands of people are congregating together, and a lot of them are drinking, as at most sports events, you need security. Emotions run high, and occasionally fights can break out between rival fans. Making safety a priority is key to ensuring fans, players and staff alike have the best experience during your sporting event. Professional armed security personnel at your sporting event is the best investment in safety and security for you and your fans you could make.

Depending on the size and scope of your event, different security plans would be appropriate. An experienced security firm like Ranger Guard will be able to help you draw up a specific plan that addresses likely risks without incurring an unnecessary and expensive security cost that is largely theatre.  

Experience Guarding Sports Events

When considering how you’d like to protect your sporting event, the experience of the personnel you hire should be right at the top of the list of priorities. Large-scale events like a stadium packed with crowds of fans is a very different kind of security to a small shop or even mall security. Ranger Guard has specialized officers with experience in different types of security. We prioritize hiring officers with military and/or policing experience. Our veteran guards have proven to us they are comfortable with high-stress situations and trained to make the best possible decision in each tense moment. Each of our employees goes through a rigorous screening process to ensure that all our guards have a proven history of acting in a way that reflects our company standards. In addition to background checks, professional references, personal references, and drug screens, each of our applicants completes several aptitude tests to gauge their soft skills, which are vital to success in any customer-facing role.

In addition to hiring experienced guards who know the correct response for tense situations, we provide extensive training in the latest security techniques. We do our part by providing 76 hours of training. Our training curriculum involves our armed officers learning how to communicate effectively, de-escalate tense situations, and prevent injuries. This includes Anti-Terrorism, Firearms, Verbal and Physical Defense, and Surveillance. Specific techniques in crowd control and de-escalation make sure guards can stay in control of a situation even with hundreds of rowdy fans and keep everyone calm and safe. Our staff also agrees to and abides by a “Use of Force” policy so they always know who to respond appropriately and legally to any challenge. Even after our extensive initial training, Ranger Guard and Investigations requires bi-annual continued education courses, annual firearm recertification, and conducts a plethora of unplanned quality checks by supervisors in the field. This includes regular drug tests.

What Do Stadium Security Guards Do?

With handling everything from tickets to vendors, you have enough to worry about. When businesses try to cut costs by getting ordinary staff to provide security as well, they increase worry. Ranger Guard security experts can put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on what you’re passionate about – creating a fantastic Professional Sporting Event Protection. We’ll focus on safety. That means starting with carrying out the right risk assessments on your premises. Our team can identify all the weak points and areas which need special attention, and then provide the right security measures for that element, working with your administrators to stay on budget while providing maximum coverage.

When it comes down to protecting your coaches, athletes, personnel, and fans–you want to make it a priority to help them feel as safe as possible. Image is everything in the entertainment industry and we will make sure your security team looks the part. Guards with unkempt hair and clothes coupled with excess jewelry and disrespectful communication end a terrible message to customers about your business. At Ranger Guard, you can expect a polished, professional team in clean, crisp uniforms in which guards are courteous to customers and intimidating to potential aggressors. With Ranger Guard, a robust security presence will be a pleasant experience for fans.

Security Concerns At Sporting Events

At any major event including sporting events, a large part of security is crowd control. We help make sure everyone makes it to their assigned seats, stays out of areas they are not supposed to be in, and doesn’t bring any contraband items into the arena. Where necessary we can install a metal detector or other crowd control devices such as access scanners or CCTV cameras.

We are also on hand to deal with any situation which might develop. Terrorist attacks and other mass shooter on sporting events are a constant ongoing threat in this era, so you need to be prepared. The sight of armed and uniformed guards is usually enough to deter any would-be criminal from acting. Far more common are situations where drunk or rowdy fans start trying to make trouble. Our experienced officers will first deescalate but if that is not possible, will use appropriate physical techniques to remove troublesome individuals from the premises. Where relevant we will liaise with police officers smoothly and discreetly to remove trouble without disrupting the event. If emergency medical assistance is needed, guards will provide first aid care, before helping evacuate injured parties quickly and easily. 

Theft is a huge concern for any high-capacity venue. Gate security to keep track of who comes in and out is the first measure our company will take in keeping your people and property safe and secure. This allows peace of mind for anyone hoping to relax and enjoy the game as they should! Other event security officials will patrol the stadium keeping thieves and other criminals at bay. Since no one knows where a patrol officer will be, anyone wishing to commit crimes will be constantly worried about being caught. Our clients have experienced major drops of up to 20% in criminal activities on their properties after hiring our armed patrol guards.

Don’t leave the safety of your sporting event to chance. Contact Ranger Guard today for a free security consultation, so you can relax and enjoy the football game.