What Is Foot Patrol?

A foot patrol is a type of security in which an armed or unarmed guard protects a location by moving around the property and checking to ensure security. They may survey the perimeter of a business property, or patrol the corridors of a mall to ensure everything is secure.

A foot patrol consists of one or more security professionals on foot using a designated route to patrol a property. Unlike other forms of security, such as a static guard post in one location, CCTV surveillance, or a roving patrol in a vehicle which visits at certain times, foot patrol proactively seeks out potential disturbances on the property and continues to check and recheck each part of it throughout the shift.

One of the main advantages of patrol security services is to prevent and detect criminal activity, since security guards can closely check different areas of the property.

Why Hire A Foot Patrol Officer?

Security guard companies recommend foot patrol officers for many reasons. They are more thorough than most other forms of security detail, since they regularly access even the more isolated parts of your property, and can check for any signs of tampering or breaking and entering.

Foot patrols are more effective than car patrols in dense pedestrianized areas. For many properties a static guard would not be effective since the location is too large to be effectively protected from a central point, but inaccessible by car. For example, private security guards on construction sites often use foot patrols to ensure valuable equipment is not stolen during the night. In gated communities foot patrols are more able to visit individual houses and check perimeter areas.

In situations where there is likely to be foot traffic near the site, foot patrol agents can offer increased safety for the client, since having someone physically present is usually enough to scare away intruders. For some venues, such as large nightclubs or festivals, having security agents on foot patrol can keep front of house employees safe. Other duties such as parking enforcement requires the specific checking only foot patrol officers can provide.

How A Security Patrol is Carried Out

Foot patrols are carried out by officers either alone or in pairs walking along a set route onside. Good security providers will select the best route following an analysis by experienced security experts.

Ranger Guard has a unique method for keeping on top of our agents in the field, one which enables our clients to access the latest information about their security. Our agents on patrol register at electronic checkpoints throughout their rounds. These check-ins are uploaded to our unique proprietary tracking system, which is accessible both to clients and our 24/hour support team. That way both Ranger Guard and our clients know exactly what is going on onsite. If there is any kind of issue, we can step in immediately to offer guidance and support. Proper training ensures guards understand protocol and check-in appropriately.

If something takes place during a shift, or agents notice something untoward, they fill out incident reports. These reports will not only let the client know what happened, but serve as documentation of the incident in case law enforcement becomes involved.

Ranger Guard provides the training, equipment, and technology needed to ensure that you feel safe and secure, whatever the occasion. Whether it’s armed guards, or foot patrols, Ranger Guard has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help provide security for you or your next event.