Group of Ranger Guard Foot Patrol Guards

Foot patrol security guards, also known as security officers or security personnel, play a crucial role in safeguarding a location or event venue. The service involves armed or utilizing unarmed guards who move around a property, actively checking for signs of potential security breaches, and ensuring a visible security presence.

A foot patrol consists of one or more security officers on foot following a designated route to thoroughly inspect a property. 

The Benefits of Hiring Foot Patrol Security Guards

Foot patrol security services provide two common benefits: the detection of criminal activities and loss prevention. Patrols deploy security guards to systematically check different areas of the property to ensure safety. 

This method, unlike CCTV surveillance, mobile patrol services, or roving patrol in a vehicle, proactively addresses potential security threats by providing in-depth monitoring.

Types of Foot Patrol Security Guards

Armed Security Guards

Many businesses and facilities choose to employ armed security guards. This extra level of protection for employees, students, and the public brings peace of mind.

Unarmed Security Guards

These guards are effective for residential security and sporting events where crowd control is crucial. Most private security needs can be met with unarmed officers who ensure safety without disrupting the ambiance of the workplace or venue.

Specialized Security Guards

Specialized security guards are professionals who have received additional training and expertise to address specific security challenges beyond the basic security functions. 

In situations like special events where thorough security is crucial, foot patrols conducted by security officers are better than vehicle patrols. Other examples of foot patrols include building security, construction sites, gated communities, and venues with foot traffic. 

Training Requirements for Foot Patrol Security Guards

Basic Training Requirements

At Ranger Guard we prioritize quality. Our private security officers undergo advanced training. Before deployment, they complete various programs, including a 10-hour Anti-Terrorism course, 24 hours of training in Defensive Tactics, Patrol Techniques, Criminal Law, and more.

Additional Training Requirements for Armed Personnel

At Ranger Guard, we prioritize individuals with law enforcement or military backgrounds for their invaluable experience in high-stress situations. Our recruitment process involves thorough background checks, aptitude tests, and personality assessments

Our guards receive specific training in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Patrol and Surveillance Operations, Verbal Deescalation, Emergency Communications, ensuring they are fully prepared to provide security and peace of mind.

Role-Specific Training Requirements

Role-specific training is essential for security personnel. At Ranger Guard, our guards undergo specialized training tailored to their roles, ensuring expertise in areas like Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Patrol and Surveillance Operations, Verbal Deescalation, and Emergency Communications. 

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Ranger Guard provides the necessary training, equipment, and technology for effective security, including incident reports for documenting any suspicious activity.

Our foot patrols employ a unique method involving electronic checkpoints and communication devices to record insights during each patrol. This information, easily accessible to clients and support teams, ensures real-time awareness.

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