How to Become an Unarmed Security Guard & What Are the Job Duties

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Unarmed guards are in demand across the private security sector. Guards provide a much needed service keeping people safe in office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping malls, and special events such as football games or concerts.
Today’s world contains increasing threats in various forms, so pursuing a career as an unarmed security guard can be smart.
This field provides great job security and offers the chance to truly make a difference by making the world a safer place.
Here are important aspects to keep in mind when deciding if unarmed security would be a good career choice.

What is An Unarmed Guard?

Unarmed officers are frequently hired to provide access control, manage crowds and deter thieves. An unarmed security guard performs roles across private security. 

Unarmed means they possess a license to be a private security guard, but do not possess the additional authorization to carry a firearm in the line of duty. Even in states which permit open carry, guards are not allowed to bring personal firearms to work unless they possess certification as an armed guard and have been hired on an armed guard contract. 

Although unarmed means officers do not carry a firearm, it does not mean they are unequipped. Many unarmed guards carry flashlights, walkie-talkies, or even batons. There are many reasons why businesses may prefer to use unarmed rather than armed guards. These include being more approachable, reduced legal liability risk, and reduced cost.

Typical Duties

Unarmed security duties vary significantly from site to site. Whether at a set post or on a mobile patrol, on foot patrol or in a vehicle, a guard has to remain alert and away of what is going on around them at all times. Patrols not only keep guards aware of what’s happening on site, but potential criminals know they are being watched. To keep people guessing where an officer will be at any given time, Ranger Guard unarmed security guards use random patrol techniques. This makes patrols more effective. 

  • Guard position at a fixed post
  • Foot patrol
  • Vehicle patrol
  • Access control
  • Crowd control

How to Become an Unarmed Guard

Becoming an unarmed guard requires certification from your state government and employment from a security guard agency. Most security guard services will offer you additional training before you are deployed in the field. A reputable security agency has a roster of clients and will be able to place you on posts, provided you meet the requirements and demonstrate effective workplace habits. Training takes a few weeks to complete. 

Job Requirements

Being an unarmed security guard is an accessible career with requirements that can be met by dedicated recruits enthusiastic about safety. The baseline requirements are just the beginning. A good security agency such as Ranger Guard will offer additional training to improve your marketability and skill on-the-job. 

The following security guard job requirements apply to all unarmed security positions:

Legal Prerequisites

All unarmed security guard recruits must have a high school diploma or equivalent and no criminal record. Each state has different requirements for certification as an unarmed guard. A reputable agency such as Ranger Guard will help you acquire the relevant certifications to meet state and federal licensing requirements.


A good security guard pays attention to everything going on around them. Safety is about noticing potential risks and mitigating them ahead of time. Unarmed security guards are thorough, detail-oriented, patient, and calm.

Professional Appearance

Perception matters a lot in security. Clients need to feel safe when they look at you.     Customers and staff in client run businesses need to know you are serious. The right professional appearance deters criminals and reassures the public. At Ranger Guard we require all unarmed guards to wear clean and pressed police-style uniforms with polished black shoes, cropped hair, minimal jewelry, and appropriate personal hygiene. In doing so, officers can be very visible to those around them, and also help gain the confidence, trust, and respect of others who view them as an authority figure in charge of their safety.


Guards with more experience are better equipped to recognize dangerous situations as they develop and to know how to respond to them appropriately. Ranger Guard prioritizes hiring law enforcement and military veterans for security roles. Such individuals have the field experience to know how to respond in any security situation and the skills and capabilities needed to provide a high level of safety at all times.

Does Applying for Unarmed Security Guard Positions Require a Background Check?

Every officer who works for Ranger Guard will require a background check. We also administer a range of aptitude tests and a drug screening. This is to ensure that the people we trust with ensuring safety on the streets are sober, level-headed individuals who have stayed out of trouble with the law. 

Armed guards need more extensive background checks and additional certification to carry a firearm on duty. 

Unarmed Security Guard Training and Licensing

Proper licensing and training is typically listed as part of any unarmed security job description. Certification is especially important for cases where your job forces you to take defensive actions against another individual. You could personally be held liable for damages, along with the private security company which employed you, if you are involved in a physical encounter as a security guard without a valid security guard license. 

Ranger Guard helps all new security guards acquire their license with the relevant state authority. Each security guard company has its own levels of training they offer newly licensed recruits. Ranger Guard strives for excellence and offers a rigorous package of unarmed security guard training.

All Ranger Guard unarmed security guards complete training in:

  • Anti-Terrorism 
  • Defensive Tactics 
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Criminal Law
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Evacuation Methods 
  • Patrolling and Surveillance
  • Crowd and Access Control
  • Customer Service

Offering a high quality of service ensures that you as an unarmed guard have the best chance of being booked for shift after shift. Ranger Guard will also provide insurance.

Start Your Career as an Unarmed Guard Today

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