Security Guard In Front of a Gated Entry

Whether it’s an industrial facility, construction site, luxury residential community, or other site with a gated entrance, it’s crucial to have security personnel who understand the important responsibilities that come with their job. As the person who ultimately decides how safe the site and the people there will be, the gate guard plays a vital role in ensuring daily happenings as well as emergency situations are handled in a calm manner. But to do so, they need to do much more than simply stand at their post. Involving a variety of skills and abilities, gate guard security is a key component of residential and workplace security. If you are in need of gate guard services, Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide well-trained and experienced personnel for numerous types of environments.

The Latest Training

If you need oilfield gate guards or security for another type of facility or residential area, it’s important to have personnel who come to the assignment possessing the latest in security training. For our guards at Ranger, they get training that will allow them to perform at the highest levels when faced with a variety of situations. Along with mandatory training in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Criminal Law, Patrol Techniques, and Defensive Tactics, all guards also complete training in our own unique Enforcement Through Reinforcement program. Aimed at giving them numerous verbal tactics designed to deescalate potentially violent situations, this training can make gate guards very approachable to employees, residents, and others.

Professional Appearance

With any area that utilizes gate guards, it’s crucial to have guards who present a very professional appearance, since they will be the first people who are seen by visitors. Because of the importance of these positions, Ranger guards are always required to take a number of steps to look as professional as possible. To start with, all gate guards show up for their assignments wearing police-style uniforms that are neatly pressed. And along with this, they also have polished shoes, neat haircuts, and are well-groomed and neat in other aspects of their appearance. By presenting such a professional appearance, your facility’s gate guards will command respect each day.

Access Control and Security

Because gate guards are responsible for who enters and exits an area, they naturally need to be thoroughly trained in access control and related security procedures. This can include such tasks as making sure the list of tenants or employees who are allowed entry is always updated to be as current as possible, creating and issuing ID cards where applicable, and having excellent telephone etiquette when speaking with management or other individuals. And in situations where the gate guard is in charge of a parking garage, they are also trained in such areas as parking space administration and parking enforcement.

Emergency Situations

If an emergency occurs at a facility where a gate guard is on duty, it’s vital they be trained in the proper procedures needed to coordinate with police and rescue personnel who respond. Because of this, we at Ranger go above and beyond the training needed to handle these situations in a calm and professional manner. To begin with, all Ranger guards are trained and certified in First Aid and CPR, allowing them to provide important medical attention to injured persons prior to the arrival of first responders. Along with this, they also receive training in how to coordinate rescue efforts with local police and paramedics, which includes designating entry points as well as areas where rescue personnel can perform their duties. And in addition to these important facets of rescue operations, they can also gather key information from victims and witnesses, which can greatly help police and paramedics assess the situation much faster.

Professional Experience

As one of the best gate guard companies, we rely heavily on hiring guards who bring many levels of experience to their security positions. For many of the guards we hire, they have previous experience as U.S. military veterans who served in many areas of military operations. In addition to this, other guards come to Ranger with years of law enforcement experience, giving them a unique insight into the situations they will encounter. This prior experience, combined with the aptitude tests and agency training we provide, results in gate guards who are professional, courteous, and capable of dealing with virtually any situation.

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