Guide to Apartment Complex Security


Feeling safe in your own home is one of the most important factors in choosing where to live. If your apartment complex cannot prevent criminals from breaking into their homes or vandalizing the premises, residents will start leaving and new renters will not want to come in, driving down prices. Good residents obey the law, sign long leases, make few demands on management, maintain their apartments properly and pay the rent on time. All of this means more money for less work for the property owner.

These good tenants have options and will not live anywhere without a reasonably safe living environment. In far too many places they aren’t getting that.

In response to heightened uncertainty about crime, apartment complexes across America are stepping up measures to protect residents and property. While many residential areas deal with occasional loitering, trespassing, and vandalism, more serious and violent crimes such as mass shootings and sexual assaults are a constant danger.

Private security firms such as Ranger Guard now play a major role in preventing criminal acts from occurring at apartment complexes.

Here is how we can protect your apartment complex:

Onsite Apartment Complex Security Guards

To keep everyone safe, security experts recommend hiring onsite guards. These guards will monitor access and conduct patrols. Ranger Guard onsite guards patrol the grounds of apartment complexes in new, highly-visible police cruiser-style vehicles. By using clearly-marked vehicles using designs resembling police cruisers, officers are instantly recognizable to residents, property managers, and would-be criminals alike. To ensure maximum effectiveness, Ranger Guard patrols use different random schedules and routes daily, to keep potential criminals off-balance.

As a result of this strategy, many apartment complexes report significant decreases in criminal activity of as much as 20 percent after only a few weeks.

A Holistic Security Plan

A common mistake that inexperienced property owners make is not implementing a comprehensive security plan. Instead, they rely on a series of quick fixes and temporary solutions, like hiring a uniformed security patrol service every time there is a spike in crime just to make residents feel better. Security patrols work to some degree in the short term, but without any other changes to the environment, the crime problem will surely return within sixty days when the security service is terminated. In the end, the quick-fix methods are never cost-effective. Contracting long term residential security services from a reputable company is the best way to secure your apartment complex.

Ranger Guard officers use foot patrol techniques and an integrated technological system. Good lighting and secure doors go a long way towards keeping a site safe. Every new client relationship begins with a comprehensive free security consultation, in which one of our experienced security experts will assess the risks present on your site. They will then present a range of security options. Most apartment complexes have a number of security flaws which can be fixed simply by installing high quality access gates, better lighting, installing motion sensors, proper fencing around the perimeter, and similar infrastructure upgrades. Lights that detect motion, in particular, can immediately alert guards as residents to activity in a particular entry zone, especially late at night. Individual homes may be fitted with smart home devices such as alarm systems or a motion detector at the front door. Such apartment security systems give residents an added layer of protection.

A good private security company such as Ranger Guard will integrate these upgrades into a broader holistic security plan including uniformed officers on patrol reinforced by support from our 24/7 supervisory team.

How Guards Protect Apartment Complexes

At many residential community complexes, simply the presence of uniformed guards who are well-trained and professional in appearance and manner will help reduce illegal activities in the area. By having private security officers on duty day and night, they are not only able to build rapport with residents, but also get to know who is generally around the area at various times. In doing so, they are usually able to spot suspicious activity and prevent incidents from becoming more serious situations.

High-tech video surveillance can also play a pivotal role in helping keep an apartment complex safe 24/7. In many cases, officers can be stationed inside a central command center within the complex, where they can monitor activity from numerous security cameras. Should they observe illegal activity taking place, they can alert other officers working with them or call the police to the scene.

In more and more upscale apartment communities, guards are stationed at various entrances to make sure only those who live there, are invited by residents or have business at the complex are allowed entry onto the grounds. By being trained to keep accurate lists of current residents, activities scheduled for the day involving repairs or other business, and other matters involving the apartment complex, private security officers can play an important role in making sure unauthorized individuals do not make it onto the complex’s grounds to steal, break windows, or commit other crimes.

High Quality Trained and Licensed Guards

But the best technology and protocols in the world can only go so far. The quality of the individual officers makes a huge difference. Ranger Guards are trained in a number of security techniques and areas designed to keep them as well as others as safe as possible.

Ranger Guard deliberately selects guards with previous experience in law enforcement or various types of military operations, including military police, combat specialists, or intelligence officers. Guards from these backgrounds already have an in-depth understanding of how to deal with stressful and potentially violent situations, making them uniquely qualified to handle any situation they encounter while on the job.

Along with their experience, Ranger guards complete the training needed to have them licensed and certified in accordance with all federal and state regulations before they ever begin an assignment. We also ensure that all guards show up at all assignments looking and acting in a professional manner. This includes not only being polite and respectful to residents and staff, but also wearing clean and pressed uniforms, having polished shoes, neat haircuts, and the necessary personal hygiene. Image is hugely important in security and we take pride in our guards showcasing our clients in the best possible light.

All guards in charge of apartment complexes are required to pass an extensive training class in Anti-Terrorism tactics, as well as classes in criminal law, defensive tactics, and patrol techniques. In addition to techniques aimed at self-defense and law enforcement, all guards also undergo basic training in First Aid/CPR, enabling them to help others who are sick or injured until advanced medical treatment can be administered.

Communication Skills

Because officers will be very visible when patrolling an apartment complex, it’s crucial they have the communication skills needed to interact well with residents, visitors, and building staff.

To accomplish this, all Ranger guards are required to attend and pass classes in customer service and workplace communications. In addition to these classes, guards are provided training in how to use various verbal techniques to de-escalate situations before they become violent. Known as Enforcement Through Reinforcement, this program is unique to Ranger Guard and has been widely acclaimed as an innovative training method that has prevented numerous verbal confrontations from escalating to physical encounters.

Activity and Incident Reports

Monitoring is essential to any function of the business. While patrols are essential to maintain high levels of security for apartment complexes, it’s also crucial the officers on duty complete daily activity and incident reports. These can be viewed by other officers, security supervisors, and property managers. They can also be shared with law enforcement where relevant. By having access to these reports, officers can be aware of potential troubling activity in certain areas of the property or specific individuals who repeatedly pose problems, as well as be able to conduct surveillance or additional patrols to ensure the safety of residents.

To make sure all essential personnel has access to these reports, officers complete these reports electronically using our logging system, then email them to supervisors and property managers. These reports enable Ranger Guard to stay on top of recurring and emergent security issues regardless of any changes in staffing or procedure.

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