Unarmed Security Officers


Unarmed Security Officers

The common misconception about security officers is that they carry guns at all times. However, unarmed security guards can also be effective in various security situations. In fact, most private security needs can be met by unarmed officers who are capable of maintaining safety and security in places like residential complexes and sporting events where crowd control is crucial. Armed officers may even disrupt the ambiance of an event and intimidate the attendees.

In the vast majority of situations requiring private security guards, The presence of an unarmed security officer can effectively ensure safety and security in various settings, ranging from residential facilities like apartment complexes to crowded sporting events that require crowd control. Opting for unarmed officers can maintain a peaceful atmosphere, preventing any intimidation that armed officers may cause.

Due to this, an increasing number of clients are opting for unarmed officers to safeguard their buildings, staff, and residents. Ranger Guard & Investigations acknowledges that unarmed guards are a wise choice for numerous clients, which is why we prioritize recruiting top-notch personnel and providing them with thorough security training.

Training and Certification

Our clients’ safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why we take great care in our hiring and screening process. Unlike other security firms, we go above and beyond to ensure that only the best and most qualified applicants become part of our team. All of our guards are certified, licensed, and insured to meet state qualifications. To ensure their aptitude and suitability for the job, we subject them to strict drug testing and background checks. By doing so, we can confidently say that the guards we send to protect our clients are the most skilled and reliable in the industry. Quality is something that we never compromise on. Because there are so many types of security threats in today’s world, modern private security officers need to be prepared to handle a variety of situations. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we equip our officers with advanced training techniques to enable them to handle diverse situations with professionalism and sound judgment. Prior to their first assignment, we subject them to a range of training programs. As an illustration, given the current threat of terrorist attacks in the United States, all guards are required to successfully complete a 10-hour Anti-Terrorism course. Additionally, our guards must pass 24 hours of training in Defensive Tactics, Patrol Techniques, and Criminal Law. Other areas all officers are trained in include First Aid/CPR, Anti-Terrorism Security Procedures, Evacuation Methods, Patrolling and Surveillance, and Crowd and Access Control. And finally, all guards are thoroughly trained in Customer Service, which we feel is ultimately what determines the success of our company.

By having guards who realize the importance of keeping clients satisfied, an assignment can be completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Ranger Guard & Investigations prioritizes the needs of our clients by merging exceptional customer service with top-notch security measures. Our commitment to maintaining high professional standards sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Unlike many security firms that hire individuals indiscriminately, we only employ guards who are highly trained, possess a professional outlook and demeanor, and are dedicated to safeguarding the property and people under their watch.

To accomplish this, we hire many U.S. Army veterans, letting them put their skills and discipline to work protecting their fellow citizens.

Unarmed Security Officer Responsibilities

To meet your specific requirements, our security guard services are customized. We conduct a free security assessment consultation with every client to determine their needs. At special events like sports matches, concerts, and festivals, an unarmed guard stationed at strategic locations or on patrol can act as a highly effective deterrent against illegal activities or other forms of threatening behavior. Our personnel on duty receive specialized training in crowd control, bag checks, surveillance, patrols, and any other necessary areas. Unarmed security guards can be highly effective in identifying potential issues, offering basic first aid and CPR, and supporting law enforcement and other first responders during an emergency, despite the presence of thousands of attendees at an event. In certain circumstances, K-9 agents with skilled handlers can be valuable for crowd management and prevention.

Ranger Guard’s unarmed officers are held to high standards of professionalism. Their conduct, appearance, and demeanor have a significant impact on the image of your event. Patrons, residents, and employees find Ranger Guard & Investigations personnel approachable. Our officers possess excellent communication and de-escalation skills, enabling them to handle any situation with confidence and care. Whether it’s answering a festival attendee’s question or calming an irate customer, Ranger Guard officers know how to approach each scenario with finesse. Our guards are well aware that the best security measure is to avoid volatile situations. We also place great emphasis on appearance. Rest assured that you will feel relieved when our agents arrive in immaculate police-style uniforms and well-polished black shoes, with no hair out of place. We strictly adhere to a minimum jewelry policy and ensure that our guards maintain the highest level of personal hygiene.

Using community policing tactics as well as our own unique Enforcement Through Reinforcement techniques, our guards provide safety and security that is unmatched by other firms.

Professional Standards

Our top priority is customer service and safety, which is why our experienced and knowledgeable supervisory personnel ensure that guards adhere to all rules and regulations. To ensure that the client’s various unarmed security services are provided to our exacting standards, supervisors conduct unannounced spot checks regularly.

Clients can rest assured that all standard regulations, rules, and laws will be followed in any situation, providing them with peace of mind. Our supervisors are available 24/7, 365 days a year for both clients and guards. If clients have any concerns or requests regarding their security, our supervisory personnel are always available to speak with them or officers on duty at their facility or event. This level of accessibility and reassurance is unmatched in the private security industry and is a testament to our commitment to prioritizing the safety and welfare of our clients above all else.

Ranger Guard places a great emphasis on ensuring that their officers are top-notch in the industry. They achieve this by prioritizing experience and actively collaborating with local law enforcement and veterans to attract applicants with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and military operations. This guarantees clients that their officers will have the latest security training available and will have already shown exceptional levels of experience and sound judgement when handling high-pressure situations.

Rather than trust your company’s or event security to a firm with whom you know little about, contact us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations to discuss your security needs in detail. By doing so, you will be able to talk with security experts with decades of experience, and have your questions answered in easy-to-understand terms. To learn more about why Ranger Guard and Investigations stands out from other unarmed security guard companies, call us at 713-357-8225.