Although most people assume that guards stationed at businesses or other properties are there to provide security services, fire watch guards are often assigned to protect against fires. These guards use various techniques, such as patrols and equipment checks, to prevent disasters and ensure safe evacuations during dangerous situations. Employing specialized guards for fire protection services can significantly increase safety for businesses, job sites, or facilities in need.


What Do Fire Watch Guards Do?

Although the duties of fire watch guards may differ depending on the location, there are fundamental responsibilities that they all perform. One of their crucial tasks is to keep a log book, which is mandatory under the fire marshal’s regulations. In this book, the guards chronicle every action they take during their shift, including equipment inspections, malfunctioning equipment, fire safety code violations, patrol times and locations, and other pertinent information. Additionally, fire watch guards are accountable for examining fire extinguishers, surveying all parts of a facility to identify potential fire hazards, and becoming familiar with the location of all fire exits and how to use them properly in case of an emergency evacuation.

What Training Do Fire Watch Guards Possess?

Similar to security guards, fire watch guards receive specialized training in various areas. Among these, patrol techniques are particularly important for ensuring safety within a facility. For instance, when “hot work” activities like welding, soldering, or brazing are being performed at construction sites, fire watch guards keep a close eye on these areas to prevent potential issues. In addition to patrol training, these guards also undergo advanced first aid and CPR instruction. Should an emergency occur that causes injuries, they can administer crucial first aid and potentially life-saving treatment until emergency responders arrive.

What Clients Need Fire Watch Services?

Fire watch services are required by a range of businesses and facilities due to the potential for fires to occur anywhere. Construction companies are particularly in need of these services as construction sites pose a high risk of fire. Industrial facilities also require extensive patrolling to prevent fires due to the presence of combustible substances and equipment. Additionally, apartment complexes and residential facilities may request fire watch guard services in certain situations such as fire alarm or sprinkler malfunction, water system shutdowns, or overnight construction processes.

What Equipment Do These Guards Carry?

In order to perform their duties efficiently, fire watch guards always have a range of equipment on hand. This may comprise a portable horn for warning others of potential danger, a flashlight, log book, and portable radio for communicating with personnel in a monitoring center. However, the most crucial item that all guards must carry is a set of keys that grants them access to all areas of the facility. With these keys, guards can not only inspect areas at high risk of fire but also rescue anyone who might become trapped in the event of a fire.

Do Fire Watch Guards Work with First Responders?

In the event of a fire at a facility, it is essential for fire watch guards to collaborate with first responders. They receive training on evacuation protocols and how to cooperate with police, fire, and rescue teams to set up staging areas, establish communication channels, and offer medical aid if required. The presence of competent and well-informed fire watch guards can frequently be the difference between life and death during a fire due to the urgency of the situation.

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