Building Security Services


Every business owner fears intruders storming into the building to wreak havoc. Buildings such as a bank, hospital, school, office complex, or other facility have specific security needs. To stay safe businesses must utilize a private security firm with experience providing building security services that understands the specific needs of a facility. Without this expertise, a variety of mistakes can be made, all of which can have potentially serious consequences. Rather than put people and property at risk, use a trusted security service to help with your building security.

Why Building Security Matters

Safety starts with access control. Any facility with valuable equipment needs protection from theft. Allowing a disgruntled employee to enter an office building unauthorized unwittingly can cause chaos. You can’t have people bursting into a hospital and disrupting treatment, for example.

Good security officers will maintain proper access control and prevent theft, violence and other incidents from occurring. Most crime starts with an opportunity, so deterring criminals is essential. This starts with making sure you hire only experienced and qualified private security companies with a good reputation who can deliver the peace of mind you need.

How Do You Make a Building Secure?

Whether it’s Security Guard Companies in Houston who have prior law enforcement experience with bank robberies, or military veterans who could use their military training to scan large groups of people as mall security guards, Ranger Guard personnel bring much needed field experience to deliver high-level service in any location. We prioritize recruits with military and law-enforcement backgrounds because we know these individuals have the expertise to secure buildings that we are looking for. Ranger Guard holds all recruits to a very high standard. We also conduct extensive background checks, have each applicant complete and pass numerous aptitude tests and drug screenings as stringent as those used by any other security firm in the nation, followed by a rigorous training program.

All guards must be licensed and certified by the state to be employed. We then offer our own training program above and beyond government requirements. For guards employed by Ranger, one of the first classes they take is a 10-hour class on Anti-Terrorism Tactics, which can prove useful in any work environment. Along with this, guards also attend training classes in Criminal Law, Defensive Tactics, and Patrol Techniques. Ranger Guard also ensures its guards have specific skills relating to building security, such as fire drill and escape training.

Access Control and Technology

Security does not just come from guards. Without a holistic security implementation plan, access control will be a challenge. Even with the right technology, officers who lack the relevant skills may erroneously create and issue access cards or other identification that can be used by criminals to steal valuable data, equipment, or supplies. A proper security team will ensure the right supervisors have lists of all the people authorized to enter the building. They will have the training to ensure that the identification integrates seamlessly with our technology systems to allow easy entry and exit without compromising security. They will work with property managers to make sure everything is kept updated and proper communication is maintained at all times.

This includes the outdoor areas of a building under guard. When providing hotel security services or other related types of building security, one of the most important but frequently overlooked duties of private security officers is often parking enforcement and security. This is especially true of areas containing multi-story parking garages, since these are frequently areas where sexual assaults, acts of vandalism, break-ins, and other crimes take place. To ensure these areas are kept as safe as possible, Ranger Guard officers conduct regular patrols of these areas, and install and monitor video surveillance systems where possible. In addition, all officers are thoroughly trained in parking space administration and parking enforcement rules, which helps to increase the level of security provided to a facility.

Different Types of Security Services

For assistance in determining the right solution for your business, Ranger Guard offers free consultations to all new clients to ensure your security plan matches your needs.

Armed Security Guards

One of the most important security management decisions to make is whether or not to hire armed guards. This decision is unique to each operation and only you can assess the pros and cons accurately. Banks typically require armed guards, a boutique shop may prefer not to have them. Each city and environment has a different security context and it’s important to strike the right balance between deterrence, customer comfort and stopping power in an emergency. 

Mobile Patrols & Foot Patrols

Outside business hours you may not need a full staff of armed guards. A simple roving vehicle patrol or foot patrol may be enough to keep your business and building secure. Whether working with a school to provide a campus security officer who knows how to handle student parties, or a bank in a high-crime area that needs bank security officers with prior law enforcement experience and understand the unique security needs of financial institutions, we at Ranger Guard know that each type of institution requires a unique approach. That’s why we tailor each security plan to the individual needs of the client, rather than offering cookie cutter solutions which never quite match up. Whatever the client excellent customer service and safety will always be our top priority.

When relying on a private security service bank employees and clients need to know they can count on personnel to be available 24/7. To ensure this happens, our firm ensures supervisors are on duty 365 days per year, enabling them to make sure all rules and regulations are followed at all job sites. Supervisors make regular spot checks at job sites to consult with guards as well as clients. Not only does this demonstrate Ranger’s commitment to customer service, but it also helps to reassure our clients that their safety and welfare are always number one.

With an experienced team behind you, your employees and customers can rest easy knowing the building is secure. Contact Ranger Guard to avoid making any more building security mistakes. To get started on scheduling a consultation with our experienced security professionals or call us today at 713-999-9955.