Why You Need Security at Your Holiday Event


The holiday season is wonderful, and an excellent time to host your next big event. With pandemic restrictions easing in many places, more people than ever are desperate to get out there and have a good time. If you’re having a large Christmas party, a New Year’s Eve party, or a Black Friday event at a local store, it is vital to keep your customers and guests safe. No-one wants a party where people get out of control and you have to shut down the event. Many retail stores, churches, and businesses now choose to hire professional private security firms to provide additional security for special events during the holidays. 

Here is why hiring a professional security firm such as Ranger Guard makes all the difference in crafting the best personal security plans to make sure an event runs smoothly.

Why Security Matters For Special Holiday Events 

Holiday services and other religious events used to be conducted without fear of violence. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. High-profile violent mass shootings and assaults happen regularly around the world. Terrorists and mass murderers target religious events for their symbolic value and historically low levels of security. The rise of extremist ideology worldwide means churches, mosques, and synagogues can be targeted for reasons of hatred. 

Because of this, places of worship planning Christmas events and other holiday celebrations now turn to private security firms to keep everyone safe on special occasions. Christmas and New Years are a great time for many companies to thank employees for their hard work by hosting an office party. The guest list matters: Santa Claus may be welcome to the holiday party, angry ex-employees or other violent people are definitely not. Trained security guards will keep out trespassers and retain control of your event

The holiday season is also where many retailers make a significant portion of their money. Enticing as many customers as possible into stores is vital, but crowds bring security issues. With Black Friday events in the U.S. starting earlier and lasting longer, crowd control is one of the biggest concerns retailers face, especially in large malls where people may travel from elsewhere specifically to attend bumper sales. Store employees often have little if any knowledge of how to handle these situations, but private security firms such as Ranger Guard know exactly how to keep holiday crowd traffic moving safely, or quietly remove any person who becomes a liability. Crowd control is even more important at transportation hubs which have very high foot traffic. When hundreds of people are trying to rush through a small doorway, or grab the last few sale items, having well-trained and experienced security personnel on duty makes the difference between the best day of your financial year and a disaster that ends up on YouTube. 

Planning to Meet the Safety and Security Concerns of an Event

Each of the different event types listed above needs specialist handling from a team which understands the concerns in play. Private security firms who hire officers with experience in military operations, government security, and law enforcement on all levels are far more capable at assessing the specifics of security needs than untested security staff. Many companies send out guards who look the part, but have never handled an emergency situation. Unlike these other companies, Ranger Guard hires experienced veterans who know what to do when things get complicated. On top of hiring experienced personnel, Ranger Guard makes sure all officers are trained in the latest tactics regarding Anti-Terrorism, Firearms, Verbal and Physical Defense, and Surveillance. These professionals have the capability to keep any event safe and secure. Our sophisticated tracking system will also give you constant security so you can rest assured that your event is being properly looked after. 

More Than Security Officers

Beyond guards we know there are other forms of security. At many very large events, there are inevitably medical situations that arise. With Ranger Guard, we view basic medical support as part of our security team’s job, since security is all about keeping people safe. Having first aid and CPR available quickly can mean the difference between life and death, especially at a crowded event where paramedics and other medical personnel may have difficulty reaching a person as quickly as they need. However, security officers are often the first on the scene of an emergency, and can administer basic first aid and CPR to a person until paramedics arrive. At Ranger Guard, no officer begins any special security event assignment until they have been trained and certified in first aid/CPR.

We also offer equipment and supply rentals as well as limousine services. Your VIP guests can travel safely to and from your event in style with our full service package. Since our client’s satisfaction is our primary concern, our company aims to provide full-service security options for your event so you don’t have to miss anything.

What Your Guards Do

Unarmed security is usually no longer enough. Terrorist threats and active shooters are ongoing threats. Armed guards are now preferred by many places of worship and establishments, especially family events where young children will be in attendance. Terrorists deliberately select so-called soft targets where lightly guarded civilians will be in attendance to maximize the bodycount. Armed guards will act as a highly useful deterrent to anyone contemplating violence, and can also save lives should a violent situation suddenly arise. 

Any properly trained guard will do everything they can to calm a situation. When hiring security personnel from Ranger Guard, retailers get security guards on duty who are comprehensively trained in nonviolent security techniques, including verbal deescalation, crowd control, patrols and surveillance, bag searches, first aid/CPR, and much more.

Most security problems do not come from violent assailants, but from everyday encounters that spiral out of control. Crowd control is a huge part of everyday city security. Many security incidents can occur from people becoming separated from their group, or accidentally jostling one another in a large crowd. In order to prevent a happy time from turning into a needless tragedy, organizers of parades and festivals typically hire private security firms to keep people moving smoothly and easily. In many cases, officers given these assignments perform their duties as plainclothes officers, allowing them to more easily blend in with the crowd. By doing so, this not only lessens the impact seeing uniformed officers may have on those in the crowd, but also lets officers gain greater insight and conduct in-depth surveillance on those individuals who may be exhibiting signs of potential violence.

Plan Carefully for Maximum Security

When planning holiday workplace parties or special events, it’s important to consider every aspect of the event. Planning ahead is a crucial aspect of safety. Ranger Guard can help clients determine how much security will be needed at the event, as well as go through many potential scenarios and create a safety plan, including emergency protocols for different possible contingencies. This process requires you to assess every aspect of the event, including your budget for security, the number of people attending the event, whether alcohol will be served, and any other potential risks such as heavy equipment. Ranger Guard is experienced with a wide range of events and can help you prepare for any situations. 

As event security continues to be an important issue in today’s world, it is becoming increasingly clear just how crucial it is to hire highly trained armed and unarmed security guards for holiday events. When preparing for a wonderful holiday season, start by hiring a private security company to offer the protection you need for your holiday event. Contact Ranger Guard today at 210-981-3410 or visit us online to schedule a free security consultation.