Texas Security Guard Questions

Ranger Guard and Investigations|Texas Security Guard Questions

When the time comes to hire a private security agency for your business, residential complex, special event, or other occasion, it’s only natural to have many questions. Whether it’s wondering how much legal authority guards will have over a situation to what types of training they will possess, it’s very important to have these and many other questions answered prior to working with a private security agency. If you are asking yourself these and other questions and wondering exactly why are security guards important in today’s world, here are some reasons to consider.

Specialized Training

Since it’s possible almost anything can happen in a workplace or other setting, today’s private security guards possess specialized training that prepares them to handle a variety of situations. For example, for guards who may be assigned to special events such as sporting events, festivals, and concerts, specialized training is given in bag searches, crowd control, K-9 security and patrols, and first aid/CPR. And for those who will be working assignments such as guarding apartment complexes and office buildings, they receive extensive training in surveillance methods, patrol techniques, and defensive tactics. By entering an assignment with training designed to let them handle any situation they may encounter, it will be easy to see why a security guard is important.

Are Security Guards Cops?

For many people considering the use of private security guards, one of their first questions involves the legal authority these guards will have when faced with a situation, especially those where a crime may have been committed. In these instances, while guards do not have the same legal authority as police officers, they are trained in various aspects of criminal law. Therefore, while they may not have the authority to make an arrest in the same sense as a police officer, they do have the legal authority to detain a person until police arrive. Based on Texas law, so long as a guard acts in a reasonable manner in detaining an individual, they are allowed to do so at their discretion. Since it’s likely all guards will at some point be faced with detaining a person, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes sure all officers are well-trained in criminal law and thoroughly understand the many factors that can play into their being able to detain a suspect.

Must Guards Possess Prior Experience?

While it certainly helps if a private security guard has prior experience in a related field, it’s certainly not necessary in order to have a successful career in private security. However, for many of the guards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations, they possess years of previous experience in law enforcement and military service. With this training, it’s already clear these individuals possess the proven ability to handle dangerous and stressful situations in a manner that demonstrates the use of common sense, good judgement, and tactfulness when dealing with people who may be upset or confused. But even with this excellent experience, Ranger Guard and Investigations still provides a variety of innovative and concise training aimed at ensuring all guards are well-versed in local, state, and federal laws. By doing so, when wondering can a security guard arrest you, or can a security guard detain you, clients will know Ranger guards know exactly what to do in any given situation.

Are Guards Certified and Licensed?

To be a professional private security guard in Texas, it’s a requirement to have the proper certifications and licensing from the state. Thus, all officers employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations never begin any assignment until they have successfully passed all training requirements, and have obtained the necessary certifications and licensing to perform their duties. In addition to this, Ranger Guard and Investigations also uses perhaps the most stringent hiring and testing processes in the private security industry. By requiring applicants to pass numerous aptitude tests, drug tests, and background checks prior to being hired, clients will know they are getting not only experienced guards, but also ones who have backgrounds free of criminal activity, drug use, and deception.

Judge for Yourself

Because it’s so crucial to hire the best private security guards for your business, residential complex, gated communitites or event, always make sure you get the answers to any questions you may have regarding training, experience, and other factors involved in selecting a security agency. To judge for yourself just how well Ranger guards are trained to handle many types of issues on their assignments, schedule a consultation by calling 713-357-8225 or visiting www.rangerguard.net today.