Workplace Security


Because workplace problems can happen any day, at any office, your business needs a proper workplace security system in place to keep everyone safe. Thieves or vandals targeting your business, or an internal work problem that spirals out of control can happen at any time. Protecting offices and workplaces requires security officers who are knowledgeable, experienced and look professional. 

Ranger Guard officers understand the complexities of contemporary office building security. Ranger Guard offers the full spectrum of workplace security services from loss prevention programs to armed corporate security guards. 

Read on to find out about workplace security services and how Ranger Guard can keep your business safe.

What is Workplace Safety and Security and Why is it Important?

Ensuring employees are protected while they are at work is the responsibility of the company. Workplace violence occurs every day in America and staff are more concerned than ever about their safety. Risks could come from a disgruntled employee, robberies, or an unhappy customer that won’t take a hint to leave. 

Therefore responsible business owners take corporate office security precautions by putting in place a workplace security plan. Hiring a trusted professional firm like Ranger Guard is the best way to make sure everyone stays safe on the job. 

What Does a Corporate Security Service Do?

Onsite security guards are typically brought in to perform a range of functions. These include escorting clients and visitors who are only onsite temporarily to their appointments, maintaining access control of the site, protecting property and specific valuable assets, and managing parking security. In high-risk environments armed guards are available to protect against fatalities. 

Some of the more commonly requested features provided by Ranger Guard to address special workplace concerns are listed in this section. 

Access Control

Who is allowed in and who should be kept out is very important. Access control management includes data management. Ranger Guard will update and maintain lists of workers, vendors, and other authorized personnel. We will create tiered access levels for staff, and make and issue identification cards and badges. By carrying out proper access control, Ranger Guard security officers keep everyone much safer during their workday.

Installing Security Infrastructure

These technical solutions include lighting, alarm systems, access gates, and surveillance cameras. These infrastructure improvements can significantly enhance the ability of a small number of officers to keep a large property safe. 

Patrol Officers

Cameras alone will never be enough. Officer patrols both on foot and by vehicle need to be performed regularly. Unlike many other security firms, Ranger Guard approaches mobile patrolling and foot patrolling from a unique perspective. By performing random patrols of various areas, along with using different patrol routes each time, it becomes impossible for anyone to determine a set patrol pattern, making it difficult to know when an area will not be under surveillance. By using these patrol methods, many property owners of apartment complexes, and other facilities have reported decreases in crime of more than 20 percent after only a few weeks.
Ranger Guard requires officers to take photos or videos while on patrol and upload them to a client-access website via mobile devices. This enables clients and security supervisors to know exactly what is happening in real-time. 

Parking Protection

Many workplaces such as hospitals or office complexes have parking garages nearby for employees and visitors. Vandalism, theft from vehicles, or even sexual assaults late at night are all risks which come with this convenience. Ranger Guard secure such areas along with carrying out parking space administration and enforcement along with video surveillance surveillance and regular foot patrols by skilled private security officers. 

Special Events

Whether it’s a small local event with only a few hundred attendees or a football game or concert hosting thousands, event security is complex and challenging. Ranger Guard officers will perform specialized security procedures specific to corporate and business events including bag searches, ID verification, crowd control, and maintaining deterrence using K-9 agents. 

VIP Security

Business executives, celebrities and other prominent individuals often require constant personal protection. Due to the sensitivity of the job, Ranger Guard assigns guards with many years of security experience. While sometimes bodyguards will wear plainclothes, mostly they wear clean pressed police-style uniforms with polished black shoes. Most officers assigned to protect VIPs have previous law enforcement or military experience in live situations.

To protect against threats and attacks, businesses are turning to VIP private security agencies to guard people and property. 

How to Choose the Right Workplace Security Program

Keeping people safe from physical harm by reducing the risk of violence will always be the first priority of any devoted security company. Ranger Guard is no different. 

Security in the workplace is complex and has many different aspects which must be taken into account when designing your program. 

The different areas of security can be broken down into different forms of protection:

  • Time
  • Property
  • Information 
  • Image 

This includes mitigating legal liability and maintaining front of house communications with clients, business partners and members of the public. All security guards actions while on duty reflect on your company and must be tailored towards advancing your goals.  

Protecting Time 

Ranger Guard works to make sure that any security issues have minimal disruption to your business. If a workplace dispute gets out of hand and we need to escort someone from the building, clients need to know this will be done with discretion and speed. 

Protecting Property 

Company property such as computers, furniture and building features like windows and doors are expensive to install and replace. Even where they are insured, too many incidents will see your premiums shoot sky high. A reputable workplace security firm such as Ranger Guard will protect your physical assets. 

Surveillance cameras and adequate monitoring are usually a part of this plan, as well as theft prevention programs in retail operations. This also includes mitigating legal liability to protect your intellectual property and risk of losing money in lawsuits. If an incident takes place where an employee is harmed and your company did not take adequate steps to protect your employees, then you may be opening yourself up to legal problems, and that can get expensive. 

Because of our system of rigorous daily report logs, Ranger Guard can provide you with the documented proof you need to prove your company took every reasonable precaution to keep your employees and clients safe. 

Protecting Information

From company secrets involving products to the personal data of employees, there is always the chance a person may attempt to steal information. Ranger Guard employs trained investigators using state-of-the-art surveillance methods to uncover potential wrongdoing in a workplace. Protecting highly sensitive information is a high priority for many businesses. 

Ranger Guard investigators typically have law enforcement or military backgrounds and then receive training in surveillance and computer forensic analysis, enabling them to get the evidence needed to answer the toughest questions.

Protecting Image 

If regular problems happen at your place of business, clients will be afraid to work with you. Ranger Guard knows how important image protection is. That’s why we make sure all our employees are dressed professionally and appropriately and police style uniforms and show up on the job with proper grooming standards. 

Officers are required to arrive at their assignments wearing clean and pressed police-style uniforms, polished dark shoes, and have professional haircuts and minimal jewelry. In addition to security services, Ranger officers are often also responsible for front of house communication services during their assignments. 

This often involves being stationed at a front desk, where they check visitors in and out, answer telephones, provide directions and other instructions to various individuals, making your company look good. 

In an emergency Ranger Guard officers will coordinate communications with police, fire, and rescue personnel.

Ranger Guard Workplace Security Services

Ranger Guard, like many other full-service firms, offers bespoke security solutions tailored to the exact needs of the client. Services not listed here or unusual combinations of different protection types are all available. Contact us with more information about your specific needs and we will be able to draw up a corporate security plan specifically for you.  
Our responsive and available management team provides continuous training and support to the officers to make sure they are ready to face the changing security landscape. As new technology becomes available and alters the security landscape we adapt our practices to stay at the cutting edge of the industry. 

Here is a full list of the workplace security services Ranger Guard provides:

Access Control Management

  • Update and Maintain Approved Access List
  • Identify and Set Up Access Levels
  • Create and Issue New Access Cards

Security Console/Concierge Services

  • Professional Communication
  • Proper Telephone Etiquette
  • Professional Business Uniforms/Appearance

Emergency Procedures

  • Establishing and implementing evacuation plans including multi-floor and disabled evacuations
  • Coordinate with Emergency Services: Fire/Medical/Police.
  • Obtain relevant information at the scene in emergency situations for first responders
  • Train fire wardens as required by Most Municipalities
  • All guards CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Elevator Entrapment Procedures
  • Install and manage fire and water flow alarm systems
  • Control building announcements

Parking Garage Security

  • Parking Space Administration
  • Parking Enforcement

Loading Dock Security

  • Dock Master Support
  • Dock Access
  • Freight Elevator Access
  • Contractor Access Control
  • Lock and Key Management

Why Choose Ranger Guard

Corporate security means keeping staff and customers safe. That means start with high quality security guards and ensure they have the technological infrastructure and support they need to succeed.
Ranger Guard trains workplace guards more thoroughly than any other agency. Most officers come to the job with years of proven experience in law enforcement and military combat operations.
Ranger Guard and Investigations works closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety to guarantee all officers will have the proper training, licensing, and certifications needed before starting their assignments. In addition to the state requirements, Ranger Guard trains all guards in:

  • Anti-Terrorism Tactics
  • Defensive Tactics 
  • Patrol Techniques 
  • K-9 Security 
  • Access Control 
  • First Aid/CPR 
  • Criminal Law
  • Customer service and communication skills
  • Emergency coordination
  • Elevator entrapment 
  • fire drill procedures 
  • multi-floor evacuations 
  • special evacuation procedures (ie handicapped individuals)

Office environments are a professional atmosphere so officers need excellent communication skills and courteous behavior. Proper telephone etiquette, speaking to others in a respectful tone and producing clear concise incidents and daily reports are fundamental for Ranger Guard.

Professionalism is especially vital when an emergency occurs, when officers are expected to give important details to first responders, obtaining useful information from injured individuals, and direct evacuation procedures.

Book Your Free Consultation Now

Evaluating potential risk and appropriate security measures is tough.Since most employers are not security professionals and have a lot to deal with already, it is better in most cases to get an expert opinion.

That’s why Ranger Guard offers a free security consultation to all prospective clients. We provide an accurate picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your current set up so that you can make an informed choice about what security policies you need. Then you can sign up for the services you want, and only those services, with all the facts at your disposal. 

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