Even with ‌new security technologies such as surveillance robots and neighborhood crime monitoring apps, having a mobile security patrol is the top choice for businesses and property owners, and the reason is clear:

There’s an indispensable value of a skilled security presence on the ground to detect and confront suspicious activity, a capability no technological advancement can replicate.

At Ranger Guard, we understand that every business owner wants to enhance security while minimizing expenses. They also know deterrence plays a crucial role in reducing crime and consequently ensures the safety of your property. 

Key Stat: Employing professional mobile security services can reduce insurance premiums by an impressive 15-20%!

What is Mobile Security Patrol?

Mobile patrol—a security vehicle with marked officers conducting regular visits to your property throughout the night—is considered one of the most efficient methods to deter crime.

At Ranger Guard, our patrol officers conduct physical inspections to prevent any unauthorized activity of:

  • Accessible gates
  • Doors
  • Parking lots
  • Garages

Understanding Roving Mobile Patrol Service

Our team uses GPS so their location is live and trackable during their active duty. They take pictures of the area during patrol and upload live updates on a dedicated website clients can access. Then, customers can check their accounts ‌to confirm patrol routes and view live reports from officers.

This data can be shared with law enforcement, insurance agencies, or property managers if necessary, particularly in gated communities where it may be important to inform key personnel.

After their inspection, they record their visit using Ranger Guard’s advanced tracking system. This documentation assures our clients their property is secure and provides valuable evidence in potential legal disputes.

Ranger Guard provides this type of service in many major cities throughout the United States, including:

  • Houston
  • Las Vegas
  • Austin
  • New Orleans
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Jacksonville

Mobile Security Services Offered by Ranger Guard

Residential/Neighborhood Patrol

Providing neighborhood security patrol not only ensures the safety of the residents but also elevates the overall living experience in a community. 

Ranger Guard understands the unique challenges and concerns of residential areas. A dedicated security patrol can deter potential threats and address nuisances. The result? An environment where residents feel safe to walk, play, and interact at any hour of the day or night

These services greatly contribute to peace of mind as well as the quality of life within the neighborhood.

Commercial Patrol

The safety and security of a business establishment are paramount to its success and reputation. Commercial areas, whether they are offices, retail spaces, or warehouses, have a unique set of vulnerabilities. Ranger Guard’s commercial patrol is designed to address these specific needs. 

Safeguard your business premises with our tailored commercial security solutions that include visible deterrence and rapid response capabilities.

Event Patrol

Events, be they large public gatherings like sports events or more private ones like VIP meetings, come with their own set of security challenges. The sheer number of attendees, the potential presence of high-profile individuals, and the dynamics of crowd behavior make events a complex security task. 

Ranger Guard’s event patrol services ensure safety is never compromised. No matter the occasion, you can prioritize safety with event patrol services from Ranger Guard so safety is never compromised.

Our trained security professionals will:

  • Manage crowd control
  • Provide VIP protection
    Swiftly respond to any security threats

Homeless and Squatter Abatement

With increased urbanization, ensuring areas remain free of unauthorized occupants is essential—Ranger Guard’s mobile patrol service can help.

The presence of squatters or homeless individuals can: 

  • Pose safety concerns
  • Decrease property values
  • Create legal complications for property owners

Ranger Guard’s mobile patrol service offers a solution to this growing concern. With regular checks and a visible presence, we can help ensure areas remain free of unauthorized occupants, allowing for the harmonious development and use of urban spaces.

Why Roving Patrol Security Is Important

Security needs vary depending on the situation. Static security guards excel in bustling areas because they can handle crowd control and entry management. However, static security officers can’t be everywhere at once in places like multi-story car parks or gated communities. 

Sure, a guard stationed in a central location can use security cameras and buzz people in and out of the premises. But unfortunately, they can’t respond as quickly if an incident occurs.

Instead, you need a highly visible solution that quickly responds to the changing environment, no matter the issue. Roving officers who provide a security patrol service are one such answer.

Save Money, Increase Deterrence

Ranger Guard’s mobile patrol unit is less expensive than expected. With the added advantage of mobility, our patrols cover several locations during their shift. This means while they are not monitoring your business, they are securing another. 

Did You Know? You can share the security service expenses with another party, saving up to two or three times the cost of personalized 24/7 protection.

How Mobile Patrol Security Can Save You Money

Our mobile patrol officers use marked, easily visible security vehicles with lights installed to patrol your property. They make unpredictable visits throughout the night to prevent criminals from keeping track of their schedule and preparing accordingly. The car’s decals and lights clearly signal they are a patrol vehicle, discouraging potential thieves. 

Why does this matter?

Mobile patrol security services are known to have a deterrence effect, which insurance companies are fully aware of. Opting for a mobile patrol could reduce your insurance premium by up to 10-15%. Mobile patrols are far more cost-effective than static guards and their limited coverage.

How Much Does Mobile Security Patrol Cost?

The cost of neighborhood security patrol or mobile patrol security varies greatly depending on commercial vs. residential needs, armed vs. unarmed security, and other factors. Regardless, Ranger Guard prides itself on being a cost-effective solution tailored to each client’s needs.

We accomplish this by ensuring Ranger Guard clients only pay for the services they need.

That’s right: keeping your property safe doesn’t have to break the bank. By leveraging modern technology and our highly equipped and well-trained security team, you can get the protection and peace of mind you deserve at a reasonable price with Ranger Guard.

Why Choose Ranger Guard: Security On-Demand

Ranger Guard’s Security On Demand service is advanced, trustworthy, and efficient, giving our clients great value. 

Our customers only need to download the Ranger Guard App onto their smartphones and request the service in minutes. With this app, clients can have officers present where and when needed without concerns about long-term obligations. And our hassle-free security presence is only the beginning of what we deliver.

  • Experienced and Certified Personnel

Ranger Guard takes pride in employing experienced individuals, many of whom have a background in military service or law enforcement. 

Learn more about our personnel.

  • Mobile Patrol Service

Ranger Guard’s mobile patrol service is an effective, cost-efficient solution. Whether armed guard security or unarmed services, our security patrols remain a prime choice.

  • Advanced Technology

By integrating the latest technology with our services, clients can stay updated about patrols and access daily reports for maximum transparency.

  • On-Demand Security

Clients can request a neighborhood security patrol or any other service through the Ranger Guard App with just a few taps.

  • Diverse Fleet of Patrol Vehicles

Our vehicles, equipped with lights and decals, make our presence known, deter potential wrongdoing.

Experienced Personnel

Beyond our security on-demand services, Ranger stands out from the competition for a number of reasons, including highly-trained personnel licensed by the DPS, with some also joining organizations like ASSIST to expand their experience and skill.

The security of your family, home, and business is of the utmost importance, and security guard patrol services perform many important functions. That means the security team working for you must be highly trained and prepared to take on whatever comes, giving you the confidence you deserve in your security program.

At Ranger, we begin by hiring officers with prior military or law enforcement experience. This lets us provide clients with the best possible service by utilizing the most up-to-date training and data analysis.

We combine their specialized skills with training in:

  • Anti-terrorism tactics
  • Criminal law
  • Defensive tactics
  • Patrol procedures
  • First aid/CPR

Our supervisory personnel undergo data analysis training, equipping them with the ability to identify persistent issues at a site and take corrective actions to prevent illegal activities. We employ only the most qualified individuals after they pass specialized aptitude tests, undergo thorough background checks, and clear, rigorous drug testing.

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Choosing Ranger Guard’s mobile patrol service ensures your property is in safe hands. With experienced personnel, cutting-edge technology, and a dedication to offering cost-effective solutions, Ranger Guard is the go-to choice for all security needs.

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