Theft is one of the biggest issues plaguing companies across the United States. In any retail setting, warehouse, or anywhere employees have access to merchandise and other items, theft adds up to large losses for businesses every year.

To curb this problem and create a more effective asset protection loss prevention program, companies rely on trained and experienced private security officers who specialize in loss prevention. If your company or business is experiencing problems in this area, here is how the right private security firm can be the answer you’ve been seeking.

Ranger Guard Services

Retail Loss Prevention Services focuses on three high-level objectives: Personnel Safety, Business Continuity and Asset Protection. It is carried out through two main strategies

  • Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension
  • Retail Uniform Security Officers

Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension

Shoplifting is a major contributor to shrink and successful retailers must take reasonable steps to protect merchandise from theft by shoplifting to remain successful. That’s why Shoplifting Prevention and Apprehension uses experienced loss prevention associates to apprehend shoplifters. A proper strategy takes the initiative away from thieves and puts retail clients back in control of the losses and business risks associated with external shrink.

The more effective these measures are, the more likely the retailer will be able to deliver products to their customers at the lowest possible price and improve their profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace.

A district loss prevention manager will usually focus extensively on preventing shoplifting. One of the biggest problems for retail businesses, it can eventually be harmful to almost all consumers, since prices of goods are often increased by businesses in an effort to make up their losses due to shoplifting. Businesses use a variety of methods to curb or eliminate this problem.

Plainclothes security professionals specifically trained in loss prevention are often deployed to the sales floor. These officers are able to walk a sales floor without fear of being noticed, since even store employees are normally unaware they are on duty.

In other instances, uniformed officers may be used on a sales floor, especially if a regional loss prevention manager believes having a visible deterrent such as this will have a greater impact on discouraging shoplifting.

In either case, a company will need to work with a private security agency that trains its personnel in the latest methods to stop shoplifters from succeeding. Ranger Guard loss prevention services aims to effectively and efficiently reduce shoplifting without creating unnecessary liability or disruption to the business of our clients.

Retail Uniform Security Officers

Our Mission

  • Assist our clients in providing a more inviting environment for their employees, customers, and vendors by reducing the occurrence of theft.
  • Assist our clients in identifying instances of shoplifting and providing an appropriate response by safely apprehending offenders with minimal disruption to the store.
  • Assist our clients in discovering other hazards and business risks.

What Are Loss Prevention Strategies?

For many business leaders, loss prevention policies are synonymous with catching thieves. Several different methods are used by uniformed officers, plainclothes officers and support staff to catch potential thieves.

Surveillance Skills

Often the best way to catch suspected thieves is surveillance. With modern surveillance systems, companies can have cameras installed virtually anywhere that will never be detected by suspects.In most asset loss prevention strategies, businesses use a combination of video surveillance and placing officers in undercover situations. By using both of these strategies, loss prevention officers will not only be nearby to capture those who are stealing items, but also coordinate with officers in control rooms who are monitoring the area with video surveillance cameras. In some situations, officers can use wireless networks within a building to link mobile devices to the surveillance equipment, allowing for real-time video to be sent to officers on the floor.

Criminal Law Training

Criminal law training is essential. Since loss prevention officers are not given the same legal powers as police, they can often only detain a suspect until police arrive. Rules vary by jurisdiction and licensing and it is essential that security personnel know where they stand. Once police arrive on the scene, the loss prevention officers can use video evidence, eyewitness accounts, and other evidence to prove their case to police.

Employee Monitoring

Loss prevention strategy also means putting in place proper measures to monitor employees. By hiring a private security firm specializing in various aspects of loss prevention, employees engaged in illegal activities like theft and fraud can often be caught before doing tremendous damage to a business. This may mean implementing loss prevention training for a customer service rep so they know when to flag a behavior as suspicious.

What Does A Loss Prevention Agent Do?

The emphasis of a loss prevention program is not only to stop theft of assets, but to also maintain high levels of customer and employee safety in the process. Since these details fall on a loss prevention manager, it’s important the proper tools be in place that allow a company to get the results it seeks.

Each loss prevention agent is tailored to the task at hand. For example, logistics companies rely heavily on accurate and reliable records being kept by employees. Some individuals begin to create false invoices and other paperwork to cover their illegal activities. Warehouse loss prevention and logistics loss prevention agents are trained to identify criminal activities and raise the alarm. In retail environments plainclothes officers are able to walk a sales floor without fear of being noticed, making it far easier to catch criminals. In other instances, uniformed officers may be used on a sales floor, especially if a regional loss prevention manager believes having a visible deterrent such as this will have a greater impact on discouraging shoplifting. At a more senior level, loss prevention management will review strategies and make recommendations and alterations based on data analysis and proven experience. Companies find the review helpful when they see recommendations implemented and reduce losses year after year.

Specialized Training

Since shoplifters are getting more and more cunning when it comes to stealing merchandise, specialized loss prevention security professionals need to have the latest training to stop them. Therefore Ranger Guard provides all security guards and loss prevention professionals with training in video surveillance, patrol methods, risk management, suspect apprehension methods, K-9 security and criminal law. Different services are used in tandem to create a holistic loss prevention strategy.

Identifying Risks

When businesses experience problems with customer or employee theft, they often do not know where to start in trying to solve the problem. For most managers loss prevention begins with a thorough risk assessment of their surroundings. Conducted in most cases by security experts with extensive prior experience in law enforcement, these assessments can point out not only obvious gaps in a company’s security, but also more subtle risks which have been overlooked for years. Once these areas are noted, steps can be taken to make the necessary changes. Whether this involves installing video surveillance systems, using additional loss prevention officers on a sales floor, or a combination of these methods, properly identifying lapses in a company’s security can make a tremendous difference in solving this complex problem. Ranger Guard always offers this risk assessment for free to all new clients as part of the onboarding process.

IT Investigations

In many loss prevention investigations, companies hire private security investigators to perform searches of computer databases and records. To do so they need the latest IT investigations and computer forensics skills. Ranger Guard prioritizes hiring investigators from police or military backgrounds who have these skills in abundance.

In all cases confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Preventing key details from leaking out will also help a business protect their hard earned reputations. Loss prevention can lead to increased BBB Business Profile ratings. Business profiles are highly important in reputation management and need to be protected.


When conducting a loss prevention investigation, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Not only will this prevent key details from leaking out, but it will also help a business maintain a reputation it may not want tarnished in any way. In addition to this, the investigation itself may become compromised if certain details are revealed before it is completed. If this occurs, it’s possible a guilty individual may be unable to be properly prosecuted for their acts. Whether a loss prevention investigation is using uniformed officers or plainclothes officers, all security personnel must enter their assignment understanding the importance of confidentiality and integrity. At Ranger Guard we take this duty extremely seriously, and screen our employees to ensure only reliable staff work for us.

Liability Issues

Loss prevention officers can detain, but not arrest, alleged shoplifters and thieves themselves. They are only allowed to detain them in a manner that will be safe for everyone. To limit liability, guards must be trained in proper methods of apprehension and restraint, as well as be aware of their state’s criminal law and policies of the company or store where they will be assigned. Any detaining must be carried out in accordance with both state and federal law, and in a safe manner. All loss prevention detectives assigned to a client by Ranger are properly licensed and certified by the Department of Public Safety in their state, which can be crucial should a lawsuit be filed based on the apprehension.

How to Implement a Loss Prevention Strategy

Since many of these investigations often result in employers discovering long-time and trusted employees have been committing theft and other crimes, these situations are often difficult for all concerned. Thus, it’s important to rely on knowledgeable and experienced loss prevention security experts. A consultation with an experienced loss prevention agency like Ranger Guard is the first step in building a strategy to keep your organization protected. That consultation will include a proper risk assessment, as well as a strategy to protect a safe environment for customers. Keeping a positive business climate is essential and for many businesses can mean the difference between success and failure.

In any business with products which are sold, loss prevention is absolutely vital. Failure to put together a proper Loss Prevention strategy can mean significant revenue reduction and increased costs.

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