Tactical Training

For customized workplace safety courses from remote oilfields to high end offices, email us or drop us a line to get yours setup.

Public Training Courses are not available at this point. Please check back at a later date.

In today’s high threat environment, it is imperative that security team members be trained to a higher standard. Whether the threat is active shooter assaulting your employees, or a terrorist attacking valuable facilities your team must have the proper training to recognize and respond safely and efficiently to the threat. RGI provides cutting edge reality based firearms, tactical and self defense training to corporations and licensed security personnel through out the United States. In addition to our regularly scheduled courses we can customize training to your company’s needs. We offer a number of options from basic firearms training through active shooter and counter terrorism training. Our instructors come from varied law enforcement and military backgrounds many having special operations and SWAT experience. At RGI our focus is on teaching tactics that work as well in the worst case scenario as they do on the range. Protecting your personnel and physical assets has never been more important.

A note about our Security Training classes:
Due to the highly customized nature of our Security Training classes, we do not normally offer online purchasing for them. Please contact us to inquire about availability.