What is the importance of Mobile Patrol Services in Texas Neighborhoods?


Business owners aim for maximum security without incurring high costs. The employment of on-site guards can be a costly affair and may not always yield positive results. Opting for mobile patrol services, wherein officers make periodic visits to your premises to deter criminal activities and carry out inspections, ensures effective protection at a significantly lower cost compared to other professional security services.

As a full service security company, Across Houston, Austin, and Dallas, as well as several other cities and franchise locations in various states, Ranger Guard performs mobile patrols using police-style cruisers that are clearly marked.

If your area is at high risk of crime contact us now to see if mobile patrol can help.

How Ranger Guard Mobile Patrol Works

Ranger Guard officers conduct several rounds to locations under mobile patrol coverage during the night. The use of vehicles provides them with the flexibility to monitor other areas when not attending to your business. As a result, cost-sharing with another party is possible, leading to a mobile patrol service that costs two or three times less than personalized 24/7 protection.

By utilizing Ranger Guard’s advanced tracking system, security patrol service officers are able to perform physical inspections on access points and parking areas through the use of GPS. During these inspections, officers capture photos and document their findings, which customers can access at any time to confirm patrols and review daily reports. This data can also be shared with relevant parties, including law enforcement, attorneys, property managers, and other staff members as necessary.

Ranger Guard seeks security guard patrol agents with military or law enforcement backgrounds and utilizes specialized aptitude tests, extensive background checks, and rigorous drug testing to ensure the most qualified individuals are hired. Additionally, we provide training that complements their specialized skills.

  • anti-terrorism tactics
  • criminal law
  • defensive tactics
  • access control
  • patrol procedures
  • first aid/CPR

Supervisors are also trained data analysts, so they spot recurring safety problems and can recommend solutions to halt unauthorized activities. 

Deter Criminals and Monitor Properties on Demand

Deterrence plays a significant role in reducing criminal activity, and it can lead to a notable reduction of 15-20% in insurance premiums. One effective approach to achieve deterrence is by utilizing security cars that are easily identifiable due to their bright lights and clear markings. These Skilled Houston, Texas Patrols conduct random visits every night, which makes it challenging for criminals to monitor their movements and devise a plan. Since the timing of the security car’s arrival is unpredictable, criminals are reluctant to commit any offense. The patrols can be equipped with weapons or not, depending on your choice.

The level of security required depends on the circumstances. Different security measures, such as surveillance robots and mobile apps for monitoring neighborhood crime, can notify individuals of any unusual behavior. Nevertheless, having a guard present to oversee and perform random checks for illegal activities including theft, vandalism, graffiti, break-ins, and parking violations is invaluable. On-site officers are capable of providing this personal assistance.

In addition to serving as a backup option, mobile patrols can be employed to complement other security measures. Gated communities, in particular, can enhance their protection plans by incorporating mobile security.

Security Guard Service On Demand 

If you need a neighborhood security patrol for a specific day and time, you can simply download the Ranger Guard App to request the service in minutes. Ranger Guard offers clients the flexibility of having mobile patrol units and security officers available on-demand or for rapid response, eliminating the need for long-term commitments. With our pay-as-you-need service model, clients can be assured of cost-efficient access to the best security team.

Protect Your Texas Neighborhood with Mobile Patrol

Ranger Guard has deployed its mobile patrol vehicles across Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The level of crime risk may differ based on your location. For guaranteed peace of mind, we recommend businesses in specific areas of each city to adopt mobile patrol or other security measures due to the heightened crime rate.

Mobile Patrol Austin

In Austin high crime clusters around specific areas. North Burnett, Heritage Hills, and Highland St Johns are among the areas in North Austin where crime occurs. In East and Central Austin, Rosewood, Cherrywood, and Judge’s Hill are the main areas of concern. Williamson and South Lamar are the areas most affected by crime in South Austin.

Mobile Patrol Dallas

In Dallas crime in the Northwest centers on the Garland districts of Fish Park and Bethard. In the center crime is worst in Lower Greenville, City Place, Roseland, Bryan Place and Baylor District. In the central/south region crime is heavily focused around Owenwood/Dolphin Heights, South Boulevard, Mill City, Queen City, Cedar Crest, Sargent and Brentwood. In the Southwest crime focuses on Redbird, Unity Estates and Wolf Creek West. 

Mobile Patrol Houston

In Houston there are crime clusters in the North, the Center, the South and the West. The George Bush International Airport and Bordersville districts experience higher crime rates in the North. Trinity, Dodson Park, Tidwell Park, and North Shadydale are all high-risk areas in the center. In the South, Brookhaven, Sunnyside, South Main, and Central Southwest are vulnerable to crime. Westpark drive is the focal point of criminal activities in the West. Ranger Guard security patrol Houston provides services to all districts in the city and can include your property in their patrol routes right away for businesses.

Mobile Patrol San Antonio

San Antonio’s central districts, including Loma Vista, Prospect Hill, and Greater Gardendale in the West and Dignowity Hill, Harvard Place, Coliseum, Jefferson Heights, Skyline Park, and Eastwood Village in the East, are plagued by crime. Additionally, Hunters Village Green in the South is also known for its high crime rate.

Hiring patrol security guards in any of these areas will pay dividends. Ranger Guard mobile patrol security services can add your business to existing patrol routes and get you protected immediately. Call now, email us, or fill out our contact form today to book your mobile patrol protection plan.