What to Look for in Concierge Security Guard Services

Ranger Guard and Investigations|What to Look for in Concierge Security Guard Services

Concierge security is all about quality. Unlike in a parking facility or mobile patrol, customer interaction is paramount. Your officer needs to be presentable, courteous and well trained. They need to be up to date with the specific policies of your building. And they need to recognize the names and faces of people who live and work in the building. Engaging in polite small talk with building residents or office staff is another requirement of front desk officers.

A good security concierge needs to combine the roles of receptionist and a security officer. This requires an adept understanding of communication, a commitment to excellence in presentation and an increased level of situational awareness. Ranger Guard officers will supply all of this and more.

Access Management

Typically concierge security is situated at the front desk of the building, right by the entrance. Most commonly in office buildings the one or more guards at the front desk security have the primary duty of access control. Regular employees typically will have an access card that they scan. When guests come by for appointments, concierge security officers will be responsible for checking them in at the front desk. In a high rise office building downtown, security officers will be more reliant on their database of authorized entrants and their tracking systems. At smaller premises it may be possible for the guard to know all relevant individuals entering and leaving the building. On occasions it may be necessary for security to escort someone from the building, such as after an acrimonious termination. On these rare occasions our staff have the delicacy and tact to quietly and efficiently remove the individual with a minimum of disturbance.

In more secure facilities, such as a museum or a government building, it is often required to put your bag through a scanner and walk through a metal detector. If the guards see any suspicious activities they are authorized to eject people from the building. Ranger Guard officers are skilled with a spectrum of access management protocols and are easily able to tailor it to the needs of your building.

Concierge Services

Some larger establishments have a checking room, and the guards will be able to check in or out luggage for travellers. Others may allow parcels to be dropped off. Not all inquiries to a location come in through foot traffic. Many concierge security officers also operate the telephone lines or email address of a location. Such officers need to be trained in proper telephone etiquette. Ranger Guard ensures that all concierge officers have the skills to conduct the customer service parts of their jobs as rigorously as their security details.

In an office building the security guards need to be trained to liaise appropriately with the office manager or building site manager. They will need to retain a professional demeanor at all times and appropriate attire. Ranger Guard officers have exacting personal hygiene and appearance standards. All officers must uphold strict standards of decorum at all times while on duty. They will also adapt the uniform to what is required for the job. In an office environment this may mean a more business professional look. At a mall this would mean different attire. Officers deployed to these roles will be given additional training to officers expected to be in non-public facing roles, such as patrolling an empty parking lot. A smile and a reassuring presence go a long way when dealing with customers.

In An Emergency

Concierge security officers are security first and concierge second. In an emergency situation they will turn the security console into a command and control center to secure the safety of everyone in the building. They will oversee evacuation where necessary. They will correspond with local police or other emergency services. Whether your team is armed or unarmed, Ranger Guard officers have the skills to react calmly and swiftly to any eventuality. Depending on the level of security you need and the level of technology you have available, Ranger Guard officers can oversee whatever procedures are necessary.

During normal hours they will monitor surveillance cameras and keep an eye out for potential threats. They are also trained to file proper incident reports. It is important that any security event is logged, in case the information becomes relevant later in another case. Deterrence is another large factor. The presence of uniformed security officers at the front desk will reassure those entering and exiting the building that everything is under control. Any would be criminals will be intimidated by the added obstacle.

Security is all about peace of mind. With Ranger Guard handling your concierge security, you will be able to rest easy. Not only will your security be top quality, but your brand and reputation will be safe in the hands of Ranger Guard’s professional, courteous staff.