Alarm Response in Texas

What Is Alarm Response Security And Why Do You Need It?

Alarm systems can let you and everyone within earshot know that something has happened on your property. What happens after the alarm goes off depends on what system you have in place. Some alarm systems are directly connected to law enforcement. Others can be accessed remotely or simply make a loud noise.Significant advances in technology have empowered security services to offer high level alarm response systems. Ranger Guard offers a sophisticated alarm response security program to provide support to homeowners.


How Ranger Guard Alarm Response Works

Ranger Guard will set up your alarm system to connect to our support team. From the moment the alarms go live, the designated area is under constant surveillance. These systems are in operation 24/7. Motion sensors will notify patrol guards equipped with GPS mapping devices when triggered. This lets officers know exactly when and where a breach occurred. Guards can then quickly respond to the alerts and prevent any damage to property within a few minutes.

Specially trained security guards for alarm response are capable of evaluating and dealing with different alarm situations. Where appropriate, Ranger Guard will coordinate with the local police to provide the most effective response to potential threats. 

In higher crime areas or when a precinct is unexpectedly overwhelmed with incidents, alarm response officers are often quicker to arrive on the scene and tackle criminals. This extra presence supports law enforcement officers. 

Additional Benefits of Security Alarm Response Systems 

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance systems can significantly contribute to the overall security of a property and can be utilized alongside alarm response security systems. CCTV proves to be particularly useful in situations where insurance companies need to be involved or when there is suspicion of foul play and evidence is required for legal proceedings.

Emergency Assistance

Whether it is due to a burglary or a health crisis, alarm response security officers can promptly attend to distress calls during periods when local law enforcement is understaffed and unable to respond immediately. Guards can play a key role in an emergency by providing essential in person back-up at the right time. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

Homeowners who opt for alarm response security services will typically enjoy lower insurance premiums from insurance companies. Insurance companies prefer clients who take proactive measures to safeguard their own assets and typically will incentivize such behavior with lower costs.

Daily Patrol Service

Where properties are left vacant for a few weeks or even months, alarm systems are frequently not enough. Ranger Guard alarm response officers can add your property to their patrol route and check up to make sure everything is in order on a regular schedule. There is no substitute for in-person checks and having someone regularly monitoring their property gives many clients much needed peace of mind.


Professional Security Team

You only want the most qualified officers guarding your property. Ranger Guard rigorously screens all applicants including with criminal background checks, aptitude tests and drug screening, to ensure your security team is composed of the best staff. All Ranger Guard recruits then undergo rigorous training that goes above and beyond state and federal requirements. 

Our alarm response crew is trained and equipped to handle break-ins, robberies, violent situations, and natural disasters. Often, security alarm systems generate false alarms and notify authorities if there is no response within a specific timeframe. Our guards serve as the primary point of contact to respond to the security measures triggered by sensors to determine whether there is an actual intrusion alert or a false alarm. This will help prevent false alerts that can be a major headache for property owners.

Hiring The Right Company for Alarm Response Services

The right company will provide you with a sophisticated multi-level plan to protect your property. You need to be sure that dispatch vehicles are available, that the company will monitor and protect your assets and that surveillance technology is properly utilized to keep you in the loop about developments onsite, including SMS alert notifications and similar safeguards.  

Ranger Guard is a full service licensed and insured security agency that offers professional security services. Our clients can choose from armed or unarmed officers, as well as long or short-term contracts. We take pride in providing an excellent experience for our clients. 

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