Women Bodyguards


When most people think of a bodyguard, they often assume that person will be a big, burly man with an intimidating scowl and plenty of muscles. However, while some bodyguards may certainly look this way, more and more of today’s modern bodyguards look quite the opposite. In fact, there are far more female bodyguards in use today than ever before. While they may not in most cases be physically intimidating, these bodyguards nevertheless possess the training, skills, and experience needed to protect business executives, celebrities, pro athletes, and other VIPs from a variety of situations. If you find yourself in need of the services of a woman bodyguard, or perhaps are interested in pursuing a career in this field, here are some details to keep in mind.

Prior Security Experience

While some may view a lady bodyguard as a novelty, the fact is many of these individuals have backgrounds that have prepared them quite well for these complex and challenging assignments. For example, most have previous experience working in law enforcement, serving in the military, working in government intelligence, or other related areas. As more and more women now see combat duty while in the military, many female veterans are perfect candidates for these positions. When combining the training obtained through law enforcement agencies or the military with that given by Ranger Guard and Investigations, the result is a girl bodyguard who can handle her own against those wanting to inflict harm. By receiving training from Ranger in such areas as Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Self-Defense Tactics, Weapons Training, K-9 Security, Crowd Control, First Aid/CPR, and other areas, these highly-trained security specialists can keep any client extremely safe.

Working Undercover

Since many people automatically assume a bodyguard will be male, a female bodyguard is often able to blend into her surroundings much easier than her male counterpart. Thus, they can be used by clients who need a higher level of protection, yet don’t want to make it obvious to those around them they have a bodyguard by their side. This is particularly useful for celebrities, as well as those who have been threatened with bodily harm or kidnapping. By having an unassuming presence for a bodyguard, it can sometimes help when conducting an investigation, since the suspect may feel free in attempting to carry out a plan against a VIP. If this occurs, the bodyguard, along with law enforcement, will be ready to take the necessary steps to ensure the client is not harmed in any way. To help with this, all bodyguards employed by Ranger Guard and Investigations receive specialized training in Surveillance Methods, Criminal Law, and Close Protection Security, such as high-speed driving and other aspects of one-on-one security.

Hiring Only the Best

No matter the situation a bodyguard may face, it’s important that only the best and most highly-trained personnel be in these positions. As a result, Ranger Guard and Investigations attempts to hire only the most qualified applicants for these extremely important positions. To start with, an applicant must pass numerous aptitude tests that demonstrate their ability to perform the many duties needed of a professional bodyguard. Even if they have a stellar law enforcement or military background, they must still pass these tests. In addition to these rigorous tests, all applicants must pass background checks that rival those used by high-level law enforcement agencies. All prior employment, education, military service, and other areas are thoroughly checked to ensure the applicant has been completely honest about their background. Finally, to ensure they will be able to exercise sound judgement during their assignment, they will be given multi-tiered drug tests, aimed at detecting even the smallest amounts of alcohol or other substances that could severely impair one’s cognitive functions. Once all these hiring steps are successfully completed, a bodyguard applicant can begin the training needed to help keep a client as safe as possible.

Learn More About Bodyguards

Even though many people may think a bodyguard girl may not be able to do her job as well as a male bodyguard, nothing could be more untrue. Since more and more women are trained in combat operations in the military, and have proven themselves very capable in various law enforcement positions, today’s female bodyguards are able to do what’s necessary to protect clients if a dangerous situation arises. Whether it’s a fired employee seeking revenge, or perhaps a fan suffering from delusions regarding a celebrity, female bodyguards can handle these and many other challenges. To learn how, visit www.rangerguard.net.