Metal Detector Security


Whether it is a school, business, conference, or other event or place where a large number of people will gather, metal detectors are a common sight. With the threat of mass shootings, terrorism, and other acts of violence on the rise, it has become necessary to install metal detectors in an effort to keep people and property safe. However, even with the most state-of-the-art equipment in place, it can only be as effective as needed when combined with security personnel who have the training and experience needed to operate a metal detector security system. If you are in need of security guard metal detector operations, Ranger Guard and Investigations has the personnel and technology available to assist you in this area.

Highly-Trained Personnel

When using a metal detector for security check, it is critical the security personnel assigned to the detector be thoroughly trained in all necessary procedures. While this equipment is very advanced and capable of detecting almost any item that attempts to pass through, the fact is terrorists and others intent on committing violence are finding new and more creative ways to sneak weapons, bombs, and other items through these security checkpoints. Because of this, security firms and their personnel need to stay up-to-date on the latest security trends and training. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we do this by continually providing training to all our officers. Along with standard training in Defensive Tactics, First Aid, and Emergency Procedures and Communications, officers who will be overseeing security metal detectors are also given training in bag searches, surveillance technology, and other related areas.

Military and Law Enforcement Experience

Along with providing our officers with the latest security training, Ranger Guard and Investigations also makes it a top priority to hire officers who possess significant experience in such areas as law enforcement, military intelligence, and combat operations. Since many military veterans who have been in combat have worked checkpoints and other situations where metal detectors were used, they already come to our agency possessing valuable experience in this area. In addition to their specialized training, they also begin work with our firm having demonstrated an ability to not only handle responsibility in a professional manner, but also be able to use sound judgement and excellent communication skills should an emergency arise.

Armed Guards

For many facilities that have metal detection systems in place for security purposes, they are sometimes lulled into a false sense of security that the metal detection system by itself will be enough to keep them safe. Unfortunately, that is not the case. While it may act as a deterrent to some individuals, it will not stop those who are determined to be violent. Because of this, we highly recommend that along with the metal detection system, all facilities also make use of armed security guards to provide an even greater level of security. By having these guards stationed at a metal detection security site, there is a much greater chance that should a serious event take place, the guard on duty will be able to assess the threat and take appropriate action.

Professional Demeanor

While it is crucial private security guards use the utmost professionalism in any assignment, it is especially important they do so when on a metal detector security system assignment. Since hundreds or even thousands of people may pass through these systems each day, it is vital a security officer be able to use their communication skills to maintain the highest levels of safety. In fact, should an incident occur that would have an individual become upset while passing through the metal detection system, it will be up to the officer to deescalate the situation before it worsens. To do so, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations train all officers given these and other assignments in what we call Enforcement Through Reinforcement. Using a variety of verbal communication techniques, our officers are usually able to deescalate a situation without having to use physical force or call law enforcement to the scene. By doing so, they not only maintain proper law and order, but also allow the other person to maintain a level of respect and dignity, which we have found to be crucial in these situations.

As metal detection systems become a way of life across the nation, it is important to partner with a security metal detector company that understands the importance of these systems. If you need more information, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations at or by phone at 832-924-8311.