Home Security Services in Texas

As today’s world feels more and more uncertain, homeowners are taking a much closer look at security services available to them. With home invasions, burglary, and random acts of violence more prevalent than ever, it has become increasingly likely that at some point most homeowners will be the victims of crime. To guard against this, many are considering the possibility of having a home security monitoring service, which can offer a number of crucial features aimed at keeping their homes and families safe.

Video Surveillance

For more and more homes, video surveillance is becoming a standard part of home security. From being able to see who may be at the front door to monitoring a home while people are at work and school, video surveillance can play a key role in being a deterrent against crime. Along with this, most of today’s modern surveillance systems are now equipped to use wireless technology, enabling them to send real-time video and other data to monitoring centers, which are staffed 24/7 by trained security specialists. With this capability, monitoring personnel can instantly see what may be happening at a property, allowing them to alert police and other first responders who can quickly arrive on scene.

Mobile Patrols

While many homes use video surveillance as part of their home security service, others also choose to use mobile patrol services offered by private security agencies. With this service, homeowners can be assured their property will be regularly patrolled by private security officers who are trained in surveillance, patrol techniques, first aid, firearms, emergency communications, and many other areas of security. While these patrols are quite effective, they are made even more so when unique procedures are put in place. This is the case with mobile patrols done by Ranger Guard and Investigations, which rely on a constantly changing set of patrol routes and times to keep criminals off-balance. Rather than use standard patrol routes at the same time each day or night, officers use a system of random checks and routes, making it highly unlikely any common patrol pattern will be established and detected by criminals.

Link to Mobile Devices

With many of today’s home security systems relying on wireless technology, one of the biggest benefits has been their ability to link to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In doing so, homeowners can use their phones to instantly connect to their home’s security system, enabling them to see exactly what is occurring at any time of the day or night. And along with this, they can often use features built into their system to control lighting, locks, appliances, and other aspects of their home. By having these capabilities, it’s much easier to discourage burglars, since the home can always be made to look as if someone is there.

Supervisory Support

When monitoring a home, an emergency situation can occur at any moment. When it does, it’s important to not only have well-trained security staff able to monitor the situation in real-time, but also have supervisory personnel to provide additional support when necessary. When using a home security service through Ranger Guard and Investigations, clients can have peace of mind knowing supervisory personnel will be available 24/7 365 days of the year. By having experienced and knowledgeable security supervisors on duty at all times, all policies and procedures will be followed, whether it involves patrols, surveillance, or other aspects of home security.

Access Control

For those who live in gated communities or other areas where access is limited, it’s important to have security officers who can provide proper access control services as part of their home security package. With this feature, it’s very unlikely any unauthorized individuals will be able to get by security and onto a client’s property. From having a list of residents to simply knowing when something doesn’t feel quite right, these trained security professionals are often able to keep properties safe with few if any problems arising.

Decide for Yourself

When the time comes to choose a home security service, nothing beats dealing with security experts who possess decades of experience in this area. From using a system with the latest technology to making sure all security personnel assigned to monitor and patrol the area are properly trained, these and many other aspects go into making your final decision. To learn more about the best home security service in the Houston area, contact Ranger Guard and Investigations for a consultation. To do so, call 713-357-8225 or visit www.rangerguard.net.