How Much Does Peace of Mind Cost? Prices for Security Guards

Prices for Security Guards

As we in the United States continue to realize, tragic events such as mass shootings and terrorist attacks can happen anywhere at anytime. Whether it is a church, school, business, or festival, it is impossible to ignore the security threats people face on a daily basis. Because of this, businesses and organizations that once rarely thought about private security are making this a top priority. But as it is with anything in today’s world, it takes money to make this happen. If you are in need of peace of mind and are considering the use of private security services, here is how Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist with security guard prices.

Small or Large Budget

Whether you have a small business, large manufacturing facility, upcoming festival or concert, or perhaps a commercial building or apartment complex that has experienced problems in the past, Ranger Guard and Investigations can help keep your private security price within your budget. Whether you have $1,000 or $10,000 per month to spend on security services, we can customize a security plan to your specific needs.

RGI On Demand

To help offset security guard cost for a company or organization, Ranger Guard and Investigations offers RGI On Demand. With this service, customers can download our app to their smartphone, thus giving them access to the service. With RGI On Demand, it then becomes possible to get security service where and when it is needed, all the while paying only for what is needed. Along with the advantages of no long-term contracts or daily minimums, it also features real-time information and reports, GPS tracking of officers and their activities, and much more control over your security budget. Growing in popularity, this is an affordable service that is often a great way to test the waters before committing to a full-time service contract.

Security Costs

When evaluating price security entails a number of factors to take into consideration. For example, if you manage a multi-family residential complex that has hundreds of apartments, you may have little if any idea as to how much money you will need each month for private security services. As a general rule, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations recommend budgeting $5-$10 per unit for security costs. Thus, if you have a 200-unit complex, plan on budgeting $1,000-$2,000 per month for your security needs. Of course, these costs are only estimates, since arriving at a final figure will involve completion of a security evaluation of the premises, discussions with property owners and managers as to what problems need to be addressed, and much more. As for commercial property, we generally recommend allocating no more than 10% of a tenant’s lease price each month for security services. By doing so, this allows clients to keep their costs reasonable, while still being able to get a variety of crucial security services from Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Varying Services

When trying to determine how much to spend on private security services, it is important to decide what types of services will be needed. For example, some office buildings and manufacturing facilities may require 24/7 armed guards on the premises, where they not only conduct foot patrols, but are also posted at entrances to make sure only authorized individuals are allowed to come and go. In most cases, having guards stationed around-the-clock will tend to cost more overall than other types of services. For some facilities and organizations, it is determined vehicle patrols may be sufficient. In these situations, officers can use in-car dash cameras, GPS tracking, and other types of technology for security to provide clients with real-time reports, photos, and videos of their patrol areas, allowing for instant analysis of any situations that may develop.

Security Guard Training

In most cases, the more highly-trained an officer is, the more it will cost to use them for private security service. For example, if VIP security is needed, the officer assigned to this duty will possess skills in firearms, anti-terrorism tactics, defensive tactics, emergency communications, advanced first aid/CPR, high-speed driving skills, and much more. Therefore, always try to carefully determine if your particular security assignment will require an officer who possesses specialized skills, or one that can use basic security training and procedures to give you peace of mind.

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