Site Security Services in Houston


Whether it’s a construction site or other work setting, it’s vital to have reliable security personnel who are experienced and knowledgeable about various security procedures, and also trained in the latest security measures. From employee theft to more serious and dangerous situations such as disgruntled employees attempting to commit workplace violence, private security personnel are often the first line of defense when dangerous situations occur. Because of this, more and more companies and corporations are now taking a much closer look at how onsite security services can keep their employees and facilities safe from harm. If your company is in need of site security services that can handle various types of situations, Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide the personnel you need.

Emergency Services

In almost any type of workplace, there are situations where emergency services are needed. This is especially true of construction sites, where there are numerous ways employees and others can be injured. Because of this, it’s crucial to have private security personnel who are trained not only in security procedures, but also in various types of emergency services. Here at Ranger, all of our guards go through extensive medical training that certifies them in First Aid and CPR. In addition to this, they also receive training in coordinating with first responders and other emergency personnel when an accident occurs, designating points of entry for ambulances and other emergency vehicles, and obtaining information from any victims that can be useful to arriving paramedics and police. Very useful when construction site security services are needed, this combination of security and medical training can be the difference between life and death.

Access Management

Because a construction site as well as other workplaces have valuable equipment on the premises, it’s often important that only authorized personnel are allowed to be there during business hours. As a result, private security personnel should be trained in all aspects of access management. Whether that involves making sure anyone attempting to enter has proper identification or that appropriate security measures are taken if employees and others are to be searched when entering or exiting the site, private security personnel must be able to offer on site security services that meet and exceed the expectations of the client. We understand this at Ranger, which is why in addition to training in Patrol Techniques, Criminal Law, and other related areas, our guards are also trained in Access Control Management, Bag Searches, and K-9 Patrols and Searches.

Armed and Unarmed Guards

Depending on the type of security on site services that are needed, a client will need to make a decision whether to have armed or unarmed guards. Since this is a crucial element to maintaining site safety, we discuss this aspect of security in great detail with each client. For example, if there is extremely valuable equipment on site, or if there is classified or other sensitive information located there, it may be necessary to have armed security guards on duty 24/7. However, if there are areas where all that is needed is a security presence to act mainly as a deterrent, unarmed guards may be the best option. Since we have well over a decade of experience in handling these matters, clients can be sure we will weigh their considerations carefully before making a recommendation.

High Ethics and Standards

To make sure the security services provided by our guards are the finest in the industry, we make every effort to hire personnel who possess not only knowledge and experience, but also high ethics and standards. To begin with, most of our guards are U.S. military veterans who are eager to put their expertise to use in a new career, and many others have prior law enforcement experience as well. This previous experience, along with completing numerous aptitude tests, background investigations, and drug testing, help to ensure any Ranger guard who is on an assignment will put the needs of the client first, as well as have the training necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible.

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From construction site security to other areas that need protection, we at Ranger are able to provide skilled and experienced security personnel for many different types of assignments. Whether it’s armed or unarmed guards who are needed to guard persons, equipment, or buildings, contact us to discuss your needs. Call us today at 713-357-8225 to schedule a consultation, and know your security needs will be taken care of by Houston’s leader in private security.