Ranger Guard is a private security guard company in Sugar Land, TX. We offer local Sugar Land security guard services. All security officers, guards, and private bodyguards are highly trained and professional. As one of the most trusted security guard companies in Sugar Land TX, we offer:

Sugar Land Armed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards might not be able to handle or have the capability needed to control a scenario due to the various Advantages of Armed Security Guards. This is the reason that many businesses, facilities, and organizations look to hire armed security guards.


Mobile Patrol Security Guards in Sugar Land TX

Mobile security patrol in Sugar Land helps create criminal deterrence by showing up repeatedly throughout the night in marked police vehicles. Since many occasions the police apparatus are provided for specific businesses, they’re particularly effective to criminal deterrence for firms. Mobile Patrol Security is Vital to Businesses  to Maximize Safety while minimizing price.

Loss Prevention Texas

Preventing theft in Sugar Land, Texas, is vital to the success of businesses. In retail environments, in warehouses, or anywhere employees have access, a lack of security can indirectly cost companies money in the long run. To protect their businesses, they choose to hire trained and experienced professionals to create an Effective Asset Protection Loss Prevention Program.

Sugar Land Workplace Security

To create an office atmosphere that’s safe, it’s important to establish a Proper Workplace Security System with the assistance of seasoned security guards who understand the facts of this case. Regardless of whether problems occur, issues can arise at any business at any moment.

Unarmed Security Officers

People usually picture security personnel as being armed with guns when they visualize them. Unarmed security personnel are often the ideal option in the majority of security conditions. An Unarmed Security Officer Provide Safety on Property and Security in most scenarios. They’re able to keep secure in many settings, where crowd control is an important issue.

Special Events Security  TX

An Effective Event Security Guards must have a variety of competencies to cope with every possible facet that may differ from event to event. Because there will be bag searches when entering a function of any size, regardless of the magnitude of the occasion, an Event Security Guard may also choose to have K-9 units for crowd control or to search for contrabands.

Executive & Close Protection Service in Sugar Land

VIP security officers require a specialized Professional Executive Protection Service because of its dynamic, high-risk environment. As a result, Ranger Guard offers ongoing security training including tactics related to anti-terrorism, defensive tactics, first-aid CPR, criminal law, and firearms training to its officers.

Building Security TX

Business owners are concerned about the possibility of a trespasser breaking in and wrecking their business’s day-to-day operations. In order to set up an adequate security system, business facilities may require the help of a Building Security Guard Service that has multiple years of experience providing proper security and is familiar with the specific requirements of any given building.

Sporting Events Security Services Sugar Land

When large numbers of people gather together, and a large part of them are drunk, security is a major concern. Interactions occasionally take place between rival fans who aren’t careful enough with their behavior. Security should be a priority when preparing to hold a sporting event because failing to do so will result in disorder and other potentially disruptive scenarios. A Professional Armed Event Security Guard should be utilized to organize your event’s security.

Sugar Land K-9 Dog Protection Service

One of the most crucial factors in many sectors is security. Developing procedures to keep residents safe is essential in all contexts, including major manufacturing facilities, hospitals, office complexes, and residential buildings. A K-9 Security Increase Safety on Properties for a specific condition with the Help of Security Officers. We at Ranger Guard are happy to introduce the knowledge of K9 guards to Sugar Land and make it available to us for the local security.



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Professional Standards: All staff are required to uphold our exacting professional standards of attire, courtesy, customer service and personal hygiene. Their hard work, extensive experience, and faith turned a dream into reality.Ranger Guard has grown from a small business in 2009 to a large company covering much of Texas and the Southwest. Founder David Catran is a former secret service agent and foreign ministry vice consul of security. He took his professional experience in the field to develop a security model that works to protect businesses and individuals in all environments and settings. We prioritize hiring military and law enforcement veterans with active combat experience. We know there is no substitute for time spent in the field when it comes to knowing what to do in an emergency.

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Ranger Guard of Sugar Land, Texas




About Sugar Land, Texas

Sugar Land is a city located southwest of Houston, Texas. The Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land is home to a saltwater aquarium and a digital video dome theater. Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center offers exhibits that are suitable for young kids, including “Kidtropolis,” the city narrative where kids appear to be in charge. South of the facility, trails and river canals wind through the Sugar Land Memorial Park and Brazos River Corridor.
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FAQ About Sugar Land


Is Sugar Land a suburb of Houston?

Sugar Land is the most reputed suburbia in Houston owing to its growth, excellent educational institutions, and array of amenities. Sugar Land is home to 13 master-planned communities, with the most notable being Aliana, Greatwood, Riverstone, and New Territory.

Why is Sugar Land TX famous?

The grand city of the United States owes its name to the sugar produced there for nearly two centuries. Sugar Land was the site of the headquarters of major U.S. sugar producer Imperial Sugar, its main refinery and distribution hub from 1843 until the refinery closed in 2003.


How is the crime in Sugar Land TX?

In 2021, the crime rate for Sugar Land was 13.1 incidents for every 1,000 people, while the trend continued in 2022 at 16.3 incidents per 1,000. Crime data from 2022 indicates a 23% rise over the previous year of crime in Sugar Land, Police Chief Mark Poland has detailed.


Is Sugar Land walkable?

Located in the area’s main tourist district, Sugar Land Town Square has a variety of entertainment options, offices, residential buildings, shops, bars and restaurants, central plazas, and ample walking space.


Does Sugar Land have snow?

With the greatest freeze in late to mid-January and very early to mid-February, winter will be colder than normal. Precipitation will be below average but snowfall will be higher than average in the north. The peak holiday time will be at the start to middle of December.


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