Maximum protection at the lowest possible cost is what business owners seek. On-site security personnel can be expensive and ineffective in many circumstances. Mobile patrol services provide effective protection at a fraction of the expense of other professional security services by sending officers to your property at predetermined intervals to check on things and dissuade criminals.

Numerous modern security innovations can keep you informed of ominous activities. These include mobile phone apps that track local crime and robots that can monitor a business. Nevertheless, despite all of these developments, prosperous business owners continue to opt for mobile security patrols to securely guard their establishment. They are aware that a person on the ground who can inspect, monitor, and look into questionable conduct is important.


How Mobile Patrol Works

Over the course of a night, Ranger Guard Security officers make many trips to locations guarded by mobile patrol. Cars’ increased mobility means that when they’re not patrolling another business, they’re checking on yours. As a result, mobile patrol can be two or three times less expensive than individualized round-the-clock security because you can split the expense with someone else.

Using the high-tech tracking system of Ranger Guard, security patrol service officers equipped with GPS physically verify parking lots and entry points before taking images and logging their inspection. Customers can check their accounts at any time to see the officer’s daily reports and confirm patrols. When appropriate, law enforcement, attorneys, property managers, and other staff members may receive access to this information.