People anticipate having fun while being safe at any athletic event, concert, festival, or other event where a sizable crowd is anticipated. No matter the size, choose the right security to ensure the success of any event. You need knowledgeable, experienced security guards whether it’s for a local star making an appearance at a bookstore or a concert with tens of thousands of attendees. A growing number of businesses entrusted with organizing Special Events like these select Ranger Guard & Investigations as the security company they can rely on to keep their employees secure.

Our skilled security personnel are able to choose the best security measures for your venue, theme, and crowd size by closely cooperating with event planners. We work closely with each and every customer to ensure that we give a personalized security plan that optimizes safety without detracting from the enjoyable experience. We offer a variety of services for practically any sort of event.

What Is Special Event Security?

Access and crowd management are the first steps in special event security management. By using access control, you can do bag searches to stop theft and sneaking offensive things into the location. Security officers are essential to ensuring everyone’s safety because there are nearly always restrictions regarding what guests are permitted to bring and what they are not permitted to bring. Also, they are fully permitted to seize any weapons they find at once if they are proven to be guns or other weapons that a person may be trying to sneak in.

Our event security guard services stand out because of the caliber of our guards. All of our officers have received training in vital security topics such verbal de-escalation techniques, defensive tactics, criminal law, and patrol techniques. We frequently deploy a large number of off-duty police officers from the neighborhood to staff events, giving clients the assurance that everyone will be kept secure by highly-trained and knowledgeable security people.