In many circumstances, more security is necessary to ensure people’s safety. Whether at a major industrial plant, healthcare facility, office complex, or apartment building, it is imperative to have personnel on hand to guard against potential threats. While though this can definitely be done by individuals alone, adding a K9 officer to the security squad can greatly boost the level of safety. K9 units have been added to our array of security services for Miami, and we at Ranger Guard are overjoyed about it.

Ranger Guard can guarantee clients that K9 teams are completely certified before starting any duty when one is assigned to a circumstance. Customers at the Houston K9 Academy can select from a wide variety of dogs that will best suit their security requirements because all of the dogs are carefully chosen and imported from Europe before being trained at the Houston facility. The canines deployed by Ranger Guard will be some of the best-trained and most dependable K9 officers in the world right now, having provided K9 protection to military units, law enforcement agencies all around the United States, and to private security organizations for many years.

Here at Ranger Guard, we make sure that our human security guards are constantly well-trained and prepared to handle any circumstance. To change text, type or paste it here and push. Hence, we are using our K9 cops in the same way. We are able to reassure clients that when they have a K9 officer on duty at their location, the dog will be trained to handle a variety of real-world challenges in any setting thanks to our partnership with the Houston K9 Academy, which has a reputation as one of the best K9 training facilities in the country. Also, the officer who will serve as their partner will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to make the best use of the K9 cop.