Questions About Security Guard In Houston Area

Whether you have a retail establishment that needs security to prevent shoplifting, an apartment complex that has problems with vandalism, or you’re in charge of a concert or festival that will need specialized and complex security services, it’s crucial to have security guards on duty who can handle any situation that may arise. However, because most people have little if any dealings with private security, they often have many questions, such as how much is it to hire a security guard, what kind of training should they possess, and other issues that can go far in determining the safety of people and property. To get answers to these and other questions, more and more people in the greater Houston area turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Are Guards Trained and Experienced?

When determining how to hire security guards, one of the first questions on people’s minds pertains to the training and experience of the guards who will be responsible for their safety. In this regard, Ranger security guards are perhaps the best-trained in the industry today. To begin with, virtually all officers have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement or various types of military operations, including combat, intelligence, and other areas. In addition to this, it’s important to have specific training in private security tactics, and Ranger guards have this as well. From anti-terrorism tactics to defensive techniques and first aid/CPR, all guards begin their assignments possessing the skills needed to deal with all situations, including life and death if necessary.

What About Interpersonal Skills?

While it’s very important for private security officers in Houston to have high levels of security training and experience, it’s equally as important that they possess excellent interpersonal skills. Since the guards are highly visible wherever they are patrolling, most people judge the business, residential complex, or other facility largely based on their interactions with security personnel. Therefore, all Ranger guards also receive training in customer service and communication skills, especially ones dealing with how to use verbal techniques to deescalate potentially difficult situations. Known as “Enforcement through Reinforcement,” these verbal techniques are designed to put others at ease, and can be used in almost any situation. As a result of this training, very few verbal incidents escalate into something more serious, enabling officers to maintain control.

What About Special Events?

While most people tend to associate private security officers with shopping malls or apartment complexes, more and more officers are now being used to provide security at special events in Houston where thousands of people are in attendance. From professional sporting events to concerts or festivals, private security officers are usually the first line of defense should a serious incident occur. Because of this, Ranger officers who will be dealing primarily with special event security receive a variety of customized training. This includes such areas as crowd and access control, VIP security, mobile patrolling, bag searches, and K-9 security. When working security in these types of situations, officers must constantly be on the lookout for anything or anyone that might appear to be suspicious. Due to the high levels of security needed by these officers, Ranger Guard and Investigations ensures these guards are as well-prepared as possible. Along with their security training, they are also thoroughly trained in first aid/CPR procedures, enabling them to assist ill or injured individuals until paramedics arrive.

Are Supervisors Always Available?

No matter the type of security being provided, supervisory and management personnel are always in constant contact with Ranger guards 24/7, 365 days per year. Along with having contact by two-way radio or telephone, supervisors also use mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to communicate with officers. With these high-tech methods, supervisors can view incident reports, photos of areas where incidents arose, daily reports of officers who previously provided security at that location, and other important information. By doing so, not only can officers have peace of mind knowing their questions can be answered promptly, but clients can also rest easy as well.

Contact Ranger Guard and Investigations

While many of the most common questions about private security guards have been answered here, there are many more questions clients have when considering hiring the services of a private security firm. Therefore, if you are in the greater Houston area and need private security guards for an important assignment, don’t hesitate to contact Ranger Guard and Investigations. By doing so, you’ll immediately take the guesswork out of the hiring process, and can speak with experienced and knowledgeable security experts.