Security Guard Companies in Houston


As security becomes a more important issue in workplaces and other settings, knowing how to choose a private security agency that meets your needs is vital to ensuring customers, employees, and others can feel and stay safe while at work, a concert, or other event. However, since you’ll have to make decisions as to whether you need armed or unarmed guards in Houston, the types of training that will be needed at your site, and other key aspects of security, working with professionals who have many years of industry experience can make the process much easier. If you find yourself looking at various security guard companies trying to decide which is best for you, here are some important aspects to keep in mind during the decision-making process.

Proven Experience

Since you will trusting your safety as well as that of customers, employees, and others to the guards who will be at your site, make sure the company you choose has many years of proven experience providing security to a variety of clients. To begin with, always make sure you feel comfortable with company representatives when discussing your needs, and always ask them for references from previous clients. By doing so, you’ll be able to talk with previous clients, allowing you to ask specific questions about the company’s performance. In addition to this, some companies will offer data that may show how crime rates have decreased in areas they have patrolled. If possible, take this data and analyze it carefully, not being afraid to ask questions along the way.

The Services You Need

Because local security guard companies offer various services to clients, it’s important you choose a company offering the services you’ll need for your site. For example, if having guards on-site who have the capability to assist injured persons during a medical emergency is a priority, make sure they have been trained in first aid and CPR. Or if you’ll need guards at a large venue, such as a sports stadium for a football game or concert, make sure they are properly trained in crowd control, access control, bag searches, and defensive tactics should the need arise. When you are working with the top security guard companies in Houston, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations, you’ll often have a full range of services from which to choose. To get the best results, always make sure the company you are considering comes to your site, conducts a thorough analysis, and gives you a comprehensive security plan for your facility, complete with pricing, the number of guards needed, and other services.

Complete Training

Because different security guard agencies may emphasize various types of training with their personnel, always ensure the guards who will be at your site have the specific training you feel is most important to keeping everyone safe. When making a decision, always look closely at security guard companies hiring individuals who have prior experience in law enforcement, corrections, or military operations. By having guards at your site who have this type of background, you will not only have guards who have been well-trained by their security agency, but also ones who have proven themselves very capable of handling high-stress and dangerous situations time after time. In doing so, you will have guards who can provide a number of different services, all the while keeping their cool under the most difficult of circumstances.

The Need for Customer Service

Along with working with security guard companies in Houston that can provide well-trained guards for your assignment, it’s just as important to work with a company that knows the value of customer service. Since you will ultimately be placing your trust in this company, always make sure they have a proven track record of success at their assignments, as well as keeping their customers satisfied. For example, make sure their guards always arrive at work on time, have a professional appearance, and have been reliable in their ability to handle multiple types of situations. By ensuring customer service is a top priority, you’ll lessen the chances of experiencing problems along the way.

Contact Ranger Guard and Investigations

Because Security Guard Companies in Houston aspect of today’s world, always hire the best company to provide services for your site. For those in the Houston area, that often means working with Ranger Guard and Investigations. With over a decade of experience handling both large and small assignments, there’s no doubt that when serious situations arise, Ranger Guard and Investigations can keep everyone safe and sound.