Security Guard Services in Houston

Security Guard Services

Whether it is an apartment complex, office complex, shopping mall, or other facility, it’s imperative to have trained security personnel available at all times. In today’s world, there are numerous threats to the safety of employees, residents, customers, and countless others. From an armed gunman or terrorist carrying out an attack to simply needing a security presence to ensure residents and others that all is well, more and more companies and facilities now rely on private security firms to keep them safe. If you are in need of armed or unarmed security guard services in the Houston area, contacting us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations can put your mind at ease.

Unarmed Security

In many situations where a security presence is needed, unarmed officers are the best option. Trained in various community policing techniques as well as Ranger’s unique Enforcement Through Reinforcement program, our unarmed security personnel’s goal is to be very approachable to employees, residents, and others on the premises. Utilizing both foot and vehicle patrols, our officers are skilled not only at varying their patrols so as not to establish a recognizable pattern, but also in using verbal tactics to defuse potentially violent situations.

Armed Guards

While unarmed security guards work well in many environments, some situations call for guards to be armed while on duty. As a top security guard service provider in Houston, we at Ranger ensure all of our guards are able to handle any situation they may encounter. Along with hiring officers who have years of previous experience in all levels of law enforcement as well as United States military operations, we also train our guards in many of today’s most important facets of security. These include 10-hour training classes in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, as well as 24-hour training classes in Patrol Techniques, Criminal Law, and Defensive Tactics. And to ensure they can help those who may be injured on the scene of an incident, our officers are also certified in First Aid and CPR, and can coordinate activities with local emergency service personnel if necessary.

Meeting State Qualifications

While it’s very important to have well-trained security personnel on each assignment, it’s just as important to ensure each officer is certified, licensed, and insured so that they meet state qualifications. To accomplish this, we use a number of techniques. As one of the most recognizable temp agencies for security guards in Houston, we realize our guards have a reputation to maintain. Because of this, all officer candidates undergo a variety of aptitude tests to make sure they have the basic skills and personality needed to succeed. In addition to this, we also conduct extensive background checks, and use drug testing procedures which are far more accurate and precise than most other drug testing used in the private security industry.

24/7 Supervision

When providing security guard services Houston clients expect to not only have guards on duty at their facilities, but also experienced and knowledgeable supervisors who are available 24/7. By having access to supervisors who are able to take charge of a situation, our clients know they will have the best possible security available at their site. And in addition to this, clients will also know that our security supervisors make safety and customer service a high priority. Along with staying in touch with clients to make sure everything is going as expected, our supervisors also make regular spot checks of all officers who are on duty, reassuring clients security is being handled effectively and efficiently.

A Variety of Assignments

For many private security firms, handling a wide variety of assignments can sometimes be a difficult task. But because we are very strict in our hiring practices, we stake our reputation on being able to handle all types of assignments. From patrolling a luxury apartment complex to handling crowd control and bag searches at large concerts or sporting events, our guards are fully capable of taking control of the toughest situations while helping everyone stay calm.

Staying Safe

If you find yourself asking about security guard services near me, give us a call at Ranger Guard and Investigations. Along with assigning guards to your site or event who are the most experienced in the industry, we also provide them with the most up-to-date training found anywhere. If you are in need of armed or unarmed private security guards who are skilled not only in the latest security and safety measures, but also in customer service, give us a call today at 713-357-8225.