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Whether you are the owner of a business, manager of an apartment complex, or coordinator of an upcoming concert, the topic of security is likely at the top of your list. With various types of violent acts happening almost daily, it has become more important than ever for those in charge to provide higher and higher levels of security for customers, residents, and employees. However, since there are so many different aspects associated with security, it can be difficult if not impossible to figure out what you’ll need. Because of this, it’s crucial to consult with a private security firm you can trust to keep people and property safe from those intent on doing harm. Therefore, when looking at security companies in Texas, keep the following points in mind when selecting a private security company in Houston.

Professional Training

Since you will be placing your trust as well as your safety in the hands of the guards who will be assigned to your site, always inquire as to the types of training they are given prior to signing on the dotted line. While all agencies may differ as to the types of training they feel are most important, there are certain areas that are critical to helping guards keep people safe. These include defensive tactics, anti-terrorism tactics, patrol techniques, and criminal law. Along with these areas, guards who will be armed should have undergone extensive training in firearms use, and should be certified in their usage. In addition to the training provided by the security firm, it is also becoming increasingly important for security companies in San Antonio, security companies in Austin, and others to hire guards who have prior experience in law enforcement, corrections, or military operations. By having guards with prior experience plus the latest training in various security procedures, your safety will be virtually guaranteed.

Customized Services to Meet Your Needs

Since each private security assignment is unique, you should also make sure the agency you select can provide customized services to meet your needs. For example, if you are coordinating a large event such as a concert or sporting event, you will need guards who are skilled in controlling crowds, access management, proper bag and body search procedures, and possibly K-9 patrolling and security. Or if you are the manager of an apartment complex, it will be important to have guards who are knowledgeable about foot and vehicle patrols, as well as how to use various types of verbal techniques to deescalate volatile situations. Whatever your specific needs may be, always make sure you make them clear in your initial consultation with the security firm in Houston.

Excellent Results with Previous Clients

Once you feel like security companies in Dallas Texas and security companies in El Paso Texas can provide well-trained guards and can customize their services to meet your needs, don’t be afraid to ask about previous results they have gotten for clients. To do so, ask if the company will provide you with references from previous clients, which will give you the opportunity to sit down with previous clients and discuss such aspects of the security company as training, customer service, and other related areas. If you can do this and are satisfied with what you hear, then move forward with your first choice. However, if the agency balks at providing references or you have concerns after speaking with previous clients, it may be a good idea to look at other agencies, or take your concerns back to your current agency and discuss them in greater detail.

The Ultimate in Customer Service

Perhaps more importantly than anything, make sure the private security company you select puts customer service at the top of its list when dealing with clients. This can include giving you access to supervisory personnel 24/7, ensuring your site will have guards working there who will show up on time and be well-prepared for their assignment, and will provide you with a comprehensive list of the services they will provide and their costs upfront, which will eliminate any unexpected surprises along the way.

Schedule Your Consultation

Once you decide you need the services of a private security company, don’t hesitate to contact Ranger Guard and Investigations in Houston. Possessing many years of experience, well-trained guards, and a strong commitment to customer service, Ranger has a reputation for excellence in handling a variety of situations. Whether it’s security at a local mall, guarding VIPs, or other assignments, Ranger Guard and Investigations can handle these assignments and many more.