Security in Dallas

As one of the most popular cities in Texas, Dallas is a destination for many people. Because of this, it needs excellent private security in a variety of areas. From multi-million dollar gated housing communities, popular nightclubs, schools, and various office and industrial complexes, it’s imperative to make sure these and other facilities in the city are well-protected day and night. Due to the growing concerns regarding the security of buildings and other areas in today’s world, many people looking at security companies in Dallas turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations when they need excellent private security services.

Training and Experience

To offer the best private security services, it takes a combination of training and experience. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, these are two of our top priorities. To start with, all officers hired by Ranger undergo a series of background checks, drug tests, and aptitude tests before ever beginning their assignments. Along with this, once hired and having passed all tests needed to be certified and licensed as private security officers, they are trained in a wide array of areas, including Criminal Law, Defensive Tactics, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Mobile Patrolling, and many other security procedures. And to make sure our officers are the best in the industry, we also seek out applicants who have previous police or military experience, which enables them to bring even more skills and knowledge to their positions.

Special Events in Dallas

Whether it’s a football game featuring the Cowboys, an NBA game with the Mavericks, or a country music concert or festival, these events and many others in Dallas require extensive levels of security. To accomplish this, these and many other events regularly look to Ranger Guard and Investigations when choosing security guard companies in Dallas. For officers assigned to these events, they not only receive training in standard techniques such as First Aid and Defensive Tactics, but also in other areas pertinent to special events. These often include Crowd and Access Control, Evacuation Procedures, Bag Searches, K-9 Security, and Video and Mobile Surveillance and Patrols. Since these events often attract thousands of people to downtown Dallas and the surrounding area, it’s imperative all officers given these assignments be well-prepared and take their duties very seriously. After all, it would take only one bag not properly searched to set off a potentially catastrophic situation.

Patrolling Techniques

Whether an officer is assigned to an apartment complex or a large industrial or office facility, conducting patrols is an important aspect of keeping an area and the people there as safe as possible. Therefore, when reviewing security guard companies Dallas TX businesses and organizations should always inquire as to the patrolling methods used by any firm they have under consideration. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, our officers are trained in various types of patrolling techniques, all designed to make it extremely difficult for others to detect a regular patrol pattern. Unlike many private security companies that use patrols done at the same time and with the same routes day and night, Ranger instead trains officers to use varied patrol routes done at different times. By using this approach, it becomes virtually impossible for employees, customers, and criminals to know when or where an officer may be patrolling.

Loss Prevention and Investigation

Along with providing officers for residential complexes, industrial facilities, and special events, Ranger Guard and Investigations also works closely with companies and businesses that require loss prevention and investigative services. In these instances, when using a security guard Dallas TX companies will have an individual trained in the latest security and investigative methods and techniques. For a loss prevention assignment, a guard will have knowledge of state-of-the-art video surveillance methods, enabling them to catch employees or customers stealing from a business. And when investigative services are needed by a client, Ranger personnel can use advanced computer forensics, access to law enforcement databases, and more to gain information that will answer complex questions clients may have about a situation.

No matter the situation you or your business or event may be facing, Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist in many ways. When in need of a security guard Dallas businesses may need to deter shoplifters, or perhaps to help conduct an investigation, Ranger Guard and Investigations has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to provide the highest levels of private security and investigative services. To learn more about how we can help you, call 713-357-8225 or visit us online at to schedule a consultation.