Texas Private Investigator Information


When a company or individual hires the services of a private investigator, it is usually for a situation they consider to be extremely serious. Whether it involves potential employee theft, a spouse who may be keeping secrets of an affair, or even a company suspecting a person may be faking injuries to win a lawsuit, these and other situations need answers that can be counted on to be accurate and reliable. Because of this, it is never a good idea to trust these important matters to investigators who are inexperienced, or in some cases refuse to put in the necessary amount of time needed to solve a case. Therefore, when you need to find a private investigator to get the answers you need, look to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Complex Cases

Whether a case is rather simple or extremely complex, Ranger investigators have the training and experience needed to solve virtually any type of case. Due to many Ranger investigators having prior experience in law enforcement and military intelligence, they can draw on their past training and experience, then combine it with state-of-the-art training in computer forensics and other areas to gather information, analyze it, and then present their findings to clients in a timely manner.

Investigator Costs

When many people imagine private investigator prices, they often think it will be thousands of dollars or more. However, to the surprise of many clients, hiring a private investigator through Ranger Guard and Investigations is surprisingly affordable. Rather than make private investigator cost an obstacle to clients, Ranger instead has chosen to offer our services at rates most clients can easily afford. Whether it’s a large corporation needing an investigation into employee theft or an individual seeking answers to more personal questions, Ranger investigators are able to find the answers clients seek.

Integrity and Ethics

Since private investigators are always dealing with sensitive and often embarrassing information for clients, they are held to a higher standard of ethics and integrity. To ensure this is the case with Ranger Guard and Investigations, we use a variety of tools when selecting investigators for our firm. One of these tools is background checks, which allow us to extensively check an applicant’s professional and personal references for any discrepancies. Once we are satisfied with this aspect of the application process, potential investigators are required to pass aptitude tests pertaining to their position. In taking these tests, applicants must not only show they have the professional skills needed to be an investigator, but also have the sound judgement and reasoning needed to deal with sensitive information.

Specialized Training

When working a case, private investigators use an array of skills and knowledge to get the answers their clients seek. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations provides investigators with training in a wide array of areas, all of which are designed to be combined with the skills and knowledge learned in previous law enforcement or military service. Among the classes given to our investigators are sessions in criminal law, surveillance methods, computer forensics, communication techniques, and defensive tactics. In addition to these training areas, investigators are also allowed to have firearms training, letting them gain the certifications and licensing needed to carry a weapon if necessary.

Multiple Investigators

In many private security and investigation firms, clients often have to incur excessive private investigation fees to cover the use of multiple investigators working a case. As a result, fees for even the simplest cases can sometimes total thousands of dollars. However, rather than handle our client’s cases in this manner, Ranger Guard and Investigations takes a far different approach. By training our investigators in numerous areas of law and security, as well as having them involved in continual training in the latest investigative technology, clients of Ranger Guard and Investigations will have only one investigator working their case. In doing so, not only do they save substantial amounts on fees, but also generally have their cases completed much quicker than with other firms.

Since clients who are in need of private investigative services often have little knowledge of what to expect, it can sometimes be difficult for them to gather the private investigator information they need to make an informed decision. Realizing this, Ranger Guard and Investigations makes the process very easy. With our years of experience in private security and investigations, we can answer a client’s questions in clear, easy-to-understand language, helping to put them at ease. To learn more about our investigative services, call us at 713-357-8225.