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Ranger Guard and Investigations provides complete security services to industrial, commercial, non-profit, and professional organizations and agencies throughout the state.

We build long term relationships with our clients, who always come first.

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About Us

Ranger Guard and Investigations is a South Florida Owned and Operated Corporation in Orlando, FL. Our President and founder, has over 15 years experience in business development and customer service both in the private and public sectors. He is a senior security executive with an additional 15 years experience working for the Israeli secret service

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Ranger Guard & InvestigationsOur Personnel

Licensed, insured, and certified security guards will be provided by our company. All security professionals have been screened by the expected standards and meet all state regulations.

We far exceed the requirements for pre-employment background investigations, and we go further than most other security companies in Orlando to find the best candidates. Not only that, but we make our personnel undergo various aptitude tests and drug screening and have them undertake in-service training in defensive security tactics and criminal law. Before a contract with Ranger Guard and Investigations begins, you will be provided with a complete applicant investigation of each security guard being considered.

Here at Ranger Guard, we offer for free our supervisory employees that help to make our guards stay on task and do things legally. Our supervisors are available 24 hours per day and all year round for your convenience. We believe that if we are to maintain the quality of service we promote, close relationships with our personnel, whether on or off duty, must be kept.

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Our firm’s security guards are equipped with two-way radios or the equivalent, ensuring constant communication with our supervisor managers.

We expect all of our security guards to adhere to our company’s professional standards. Our standards demand superb customer service in combination with timely security response.

We innovatively handle contract security. Many of the people we compete with hard screen or train their guards. We have a proactive approach involving well-groomed, nicely-trained, primarily veterans from the U.S. Army as our guards. We employ several strategies to mitigate the possibility of property theft or injury within our facilities. Here is an overview of our services:

Screening Of Applicants

Management of Ranger Guard and Investigations promises that we will make sure that training and recruitment go well so we can be successful.


We do training that does much more than the competitors we have. Our management team’s acquired knowledge is taught to all our new staff members. Asides from courses that are mandated by the state, our personnel must attend the following:

24-Hour Tactics Training For Defense

24-Hour Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law

Our 10-Hour Anti-Terrorism Class

Sixteen Hours In a Seminar On Customer Service

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Our Methods

We have security guards that are uniformed, and they keep criminals at bay by using the Community Police Office Program methods. This means we want our guards to be respected by those who need help or have information. When the community knows that we are here to support them, they will feel more secure.

Patrol Techniques
Our security personnel is required to conduct visible foot patrols using entirely random patterns. While they are manning a station, we encourage our staff to interact with customers and fellow workers.
In Accordance
With 30 years of combined law enforcement and security experience, our management team is aware that crime prevention can be achieved through tactical measures instead of conventional approaches, like making charges, that are frequently employed by rivals. They will use a technique known as verbal judo, which is prevalent in our company and has successfully stopped tense situations from getting worse.
Our Apparel
Our employees dress in uniforms like those worn by police officers. All staff must adhere to our general corporate orders and wear their uniforms.

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Looking for a security job as an officer? We offer loss prevention, corporate, personal, airport, and armed security training.

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