Unarmed officers’ services in Austin, Texas are provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The officers in Austin serve within the community and have no police powers. Texas state law does not allow their presence to be infringed upon without a warrant being filed. The purpose of this service is to deter crime, to help the community, and to provide training to its citizens. It also serves as an interfaith liaison between the police and the members of the community. Visit this link for more information.


Texas has a large number of churches, which provide this service to its many citizens who might be afraid of crime. Police officers are not allowed to stop people on suspicion alone. They also inform the citizens of their rights under the law. It is in the hands of the citizen when it comes to these services. He can also make sure that he is informed about his rights by attending classes on how to be an officer and what exactly is going on when he is out in the community looking for criminals. Read about Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Services – Protecting Citizens and Communities here. 

Unarmed officers training in Austin, Texas can be beneficial to a citizen and the community. Training can also be provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. In addition, the Texas Highway Patrol also provides this training and police officers within their jurisdiction are also trained in this particular function. If you live in the Austin area and want to avail of this service, you should go online and look for a reliable Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Service. Contact your state or local police department for further details on the training requirements and the qualifications of the officers who will be assigned to your community.