The Austin, Texas Police Department is under scrutiny, with many citizens concerned about serving and protecting the citizens of this great city. Recently, in a highly publicized incident, an unarmed officer was involved in a shooting with a suicidal person who later died at the scene. Unarmed officers are a vital component of the Texas law enforcement agencies, and they protect the public each day by making sure that people stay safe. This individual was involved in something that went far beyond what he had bargained for, and he was carrying a gun which could have been a deadly weapon. Because of his training and his gun, he did not need to shoot at the police officer. More about Austin, TX can be seen here.


This does not mean that all police officers are violent or that all police officers are not peaceful. When citizens are being attacked or harmed by an individual with a weapon, the Austin, Texas Police, is responsible for protecting the community’s citizens. Unfortunately, in some of these situations, the Austin, Texas police do not meet this burden. They lose their right to protect the community’s citizens when they are lawfully exercising their right to free speech or defend themselves. This can lead to unfortunate situations where the police are placed in positions where they have to make split-second decisions that could jeopardize the safety of the officers and the citizens of Austin, Texas. Click here to read about What Unarmed Officers Services Do in Austin, Texas.

Ranger Guard and Investigations | Austin, Texas Unarmed Officers Services – Protecting Citizens and CommunitiesThis is why all police officers must have their weapons trained for use in an emergency. Suppose you are an Austin, Texas resident and are concerned about how you can protect yourself and your family in this way. In that case, it is recommended that you look into training to learn how to operate your police weapon in an emergency. Although some cities have already adopted policies requiring that their police officers complete a certain amount of training before they can legally carry a gun, some larger cities have yet to adopt such policies. As a result, it is in your best interest to learn as much as you can about the laws that are in effect in your city to be aware when you are within the law to use your weapons in a potentially dangerous situation. The safety of you and your family is of utmost importance, and you want to be sure that you know your rights when you are within the bounds of the law.