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Services We Offer

Ranger Guard provides complete security guard services to industrial, commercial, non-profit, and professional organizations and agencies in the city of Austin and across the state of Texas.

We build long-term relationships with our clients, who always come first.

About Us

Ranger Guard and Investigations is a Texas Owned and Operated Corporation in Houston, TX. Our President and founder, has over 15 years experience in business development and customer service both in the private and public sector. He is a senior security executive with an additional 15 years experience working for the Israeli secret service

After working for a few years with the Nonprofit Security Grant Program administered by the Department of Homeland Security and surveying over 50 afencies, Ranger Guard realized that there is a tremendous need for a reliable and well trained security guard firm in Texas. It was apparent that the common practice was at an unacceptable level.

Violence and theft can occur at work, the grocery store, or anywhere in everyday life. To prevent tough situations from spiraling out of control, many businesses, property management companies, and organizations across Austin, TX, choose to hire security guard companies.

Ranger Guard has been providing security protection services for several decades and has a long-standing record of success. Remember, always choose an experienced and professional service such as Ranger Guard to ensure the highest level of protection.

Why Hire Ranger For Private Security Services?

Shield LogoThe right guards with the right training make security calm, simple, and worry-free. Since today’s world now has numerous threats to life which can become reality on any given day, armed security guards in Austin are always expected to be able to handle anything and everything if necessary.

Guards may be needed to man a guard post or entrance to a business such as a manufacturing facility, office complex, or healthcare facility. Other institutions such as gated residential communities, private members clubs, or religious institutions often employ unarmed and armed guards to control crowd flow, check authorized entry and keep people safe, or escort VIPs.

Training & Experience

At Ranger Guard, we choose only the best candidates for our armed security guard positions. Most of our employees have previously served in law enforcement or the military. Their experience with high-stress, highly dangerous situations is invaluable on the streets. We actively recruit guards with those backgrounds because we know there is no substitute for field experience.

All applicants undergo extensive background, aptitude, and personality tests to ensure they have the emotional stability and cognitive skills needed as a security guard. These checks include rigorous drug screening.

Compared to other armed security companies in Austin, Texas, Ranger Guard prioritizes top-quality training and selection for its guards. Ranger Guard gives guards specific training in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Patrol and Surveillance Operations, Verbal Deescalating, Emergency Communications, and criminal law. Guards we supply will be fully prepared to provide you with physical security and peace of mind.

Professional Appearance

We also take pride in the appearance of our guards. They are provided with highly professional police-style uniforms and are expected to show up for duty in clean and pressed uniforms with shined shoes. We demand top presentation from our guards because we know that how they look reflects on our clients. In addition, we train our guards in customer service and ensure they are courteous, friendly, and approachable. Security isn’t just about keeping people safe physically it’s about making sure everyone feels at ease when navigating the space.

Ranger Guard’s Holistic Security Package

All officers operate as part of a team, and their role has to be optimized within the broader security plan. Since each security situation is different you need lots of available tools so you can use the right one for the job. Armed guards may be needed for entry control at a front gate. You may need foot patrols to roam the grounds, preventing anyone from breaking in, or to keep order at a mall.

Mobile Patrols

Sometimes you need more than static guards. That’s why we integrate a full tech-based solution into our deployment protocols for our customers. Security professionals from Ranger Guard use randomized patrols and surveillance on their assignments, so people are not able to predict when they will arrive. Our mobile patrols are able to monitor several properties over the course of a shift, meaning you can split the cost with several other businesses.

A clearly marked security vehicle provides strong deterrence to any would-be criminals to avoid trouble. If there is trouble and the mobile patrol vehicle is needed quickly, constant communication and a 24/hr hotline enable us to reroute guards to hotspots at a moment’s notice and liaise with management or the owner at the businesses we protect. We plan effectively and use our sophisticated cutting-edge guard tracking system to provide real-time updates to the client and to our central headquarters.


Rapid Emergency Response


Combined with surveillance technology such as cameras on your property, we can respond rapidly to emerging threats that may emerge during the security job. For venues where crowd control is essential, such as one of the many music venues common in Austin, we offer K-9 agents. These dogs are excellent at maintaining deterrence and keeping crowds where you need them to be.

Some other kinds of events require specific event security. Where VIPs are in attendance they need to be escorted to and from the location quickly and quietly and protected from crowds.

24/7 Supervisions

Whatever the security plan you implement, the situation on the ground can change on a dime. That’s why our security supervisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They both monitor agents on duty to ensure protocols are respected and are available for you to contact if there is a problem that needs immediate attention. Our supervisors are highly trained and experienced agents and know how to handle security situations of every sort.

At Ranger Guard, we realize we must always strive to offer as many levels of services as possible to our clients. If there is a specific service you need in Austin, such as special event security, K-9 agents, or guards with first aid training, let us know and we will be able to provide it. When looking at security companies near you, put Ranger Guard at the top of your list. Once you visit us online or speak to us by phone at 512-729-7110 to schedule a free full security assessment and get a quote.