How To Pick A Security Guard Company In Houston

When it comes time to choose a security company, there are naturally many factors to consider. Whether the security assignment will involve providing security to an individual, an office building or apartment complex, or perhaps an event that will attract thousands of people, it’s crucial to choose a company that has the knowledge and experience needed to keep people and property safe. However, as is the case with most industries, there are numerous private security companies from which to choose. Therefore, when you are looking at a list of security companies from which to choose, there are many factors you should consider before making your final choice.

Experienced Personnel

Even if you are needing security for a very small community event or office building, it’s nevertheless very important to choose a security company that uses security officers who have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle various situations. Unfortunately in today’s world, it’s quite possible for violent acts to occur in even the most unlikely of locations. Because of this, it’s always best that when scanning a list of private security companies, always seek those who have experienced personnel. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, virtually all officers employed have substantial previous experience in law enforcement or military operations. By combining this experience with the training they receive from Ranger, all officers are equipped to deal with any situation they may encounter.

Certifications and Licensing

When examining a list of security companies, always attempt to verify that any company you have under consideration has the proper certifications, licensing, and insurance required by local, state, and federal authorities. For example, it’s crucial to make sure the agency is properly certified by the necessary criminal justice agencies, as well as has the licensing needed to perform various private security operations. And finally, always verify the company has the necessary liability insurance, just in case an incident occurs involving an officer employed by the agency. By making sure these requirements are in place, you can hire an agency while having plenty of peace of mind.

Variety of Services

When choosing a private security agency in Houston, always make sure it is capable of performing the services you will need. For example, if you own an apartment complex and need private security officers to perform patrols that will eliminate trespassing and vandalism, make sure they have experience doing this, and can produce evidence that their patrols have yielded results. This has been particularly true of Ranger Guard and Investigations, which has years of experience providing patrols to apartment complexes, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, and other properties. In most cases, trespassing and vandalism rates have been reduced by 20 percent or more after only several weeks, proving Ranger officers have the skills needed to get results.

Armed Security

Of all the services private security firms provide their clients, perhaps none are more important than armed security. Whether it’s for a concert, sporting event, office building, or VIP security, choosing a firm whose officers are fully trained in the handling and use of firearms is crucial to making sure everyone stays safe. Because of the importance regarding this aspect of private security, always ask for proof all officers have the proper training and firearms certifications. While clients as well as officers hope they never have to use their weapons, being able to do so in the proper manner when a situation occurs will undoubtedly save lives.

The Latest Technology

From using state-of-the-art surveillance methods to compiling daily incident reports using the latest apps and mobile devices, today’s private security officers must be well-rounded in their use of technology. Therefore, always make sure any security firm you are considering hiring has the training and skills needed to utilize technology in the most effective manner possible. By doing so, all officers who will be on duty at a property or event will have access to current information, keeping them well aware of any situations that may have happened before they came on duty. Along with this, they will also know that their supervisors are aware of the happenings at the property, which will ensure the proper security decisions will be made by those in charge.

Contact Ranger Guard and Investigations

When it’s time to look over a list of security companies in Houston, always make sure Ranger Guard and Investigations is the first agency you contact about providing the services you seek for your event or property. To learn more about how Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist you, call 713-357-8225.