Personal Protection in Texas


As numerous violent acts occur in today’s world, it has become necessary for business executives, celebrities, and others in high-profile positions to make security a bigger priority than they have in years past. Because of this, the need for well-trained security personnel who can provide personal protection is of the utmost importance to ensure everyone’s safety. But to make sure those in charge of keeping these individuals and perhaps their families safe from deranged fans, disgruntled employees, or others who may be determined to cause harm are the best in the business, it is vital to work with a private security agency specializing in personal protection services. Thus, when clients need protection in these instances, they turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

High Levels of Experience

When in need of a personal protection officer, clients want personnel who are not only well-trained, but also possess significant amounts of experience in these situations. When partnering with Ranger Guard and Investigations for these services, clients get this and much more. Along with having an officer assigned to them who has been trained in the latest state-of-the-art security and emergency procedures, our personal protection officers also often have prior experience in law enforcement or military combat operations. As a result, these officers not only possess a variety of additional protective skills and abilities, but have also demonstrated the ability to use good judgement and handle dangerous situations in a calm manner.

Specialized Training

Along with ensuring our personal protection officers have many years of related experience, Ranger Guard and Investigations also provides all officers given these assignments a variety of specialized training. In addition to training in basic security areas as Defensive Tactics, Surveillance, and First Aid/CPR, personal protection officers also receive training in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Firearms, K-9 Security, Access Control, Crowd Control, Bag Searches, Emergency Communications, and other procedures as they relate to a specific assignment.

The Best in Personal Protection

Since these assignments are unique in many ways, they can entail a number of different circumstances. Because of this, we at Ranger Guard and Investigations make sure our clients requesting these services have officers protecting them who are the best of the best. To make this a reality, we adhere to a very strict set of hiring standards for all officers. For all applicants, this begins with a series of aptitude tests, which are used to assess an applicant’s judgement and skills in various situations. Next, we conduct thorough background checks, including criminal records, employment and educational references, and personal references. By doing so, we can make sure all information given to us is factual. Finally, we require all applicants to pass drug tests that are extremely strict, ensuring all is well in this area. Once we are satisfied with results in all these areas, only then do we hire an applicant for a personal protection officer position with our agency.

Licensing and Certifications

Since officers who provide personal security protection to clients may find themselves in a variety of different situations, it is necessary they have the various licensing and certifications required of security officers in the state of Texas. By having these standards, we can ensure our agency as well as our clients are not subject to liability issues should an officer be required to act in a protective manner. If an officer given these assignments is not properly licensed and certified, many legal issues can result. Therefore, before assigning any officers to these positions, we require they obtain whatever licensing and certifications the Texas Department of Public Safety requires of private security officers.

Professional Standards and Conduct

In personal protective assignments, officers will likely find themselves in many situations where it is extremely important to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the standards expected of private security officers. Therefore, all officers given these assignments by Ranger Guard and Investigations are expected to show up at their assignments wearing professional attire specific to their duties, having a professional appearance in terms of haircuts, jewelry, and personal hygiene, and exhibit excellent communication skills and judgement with all individuals.

Since these assignments are crucial to protecting the lives of others, it is vital to have only the best officers assigned to these positions. After all, if only one mistake is made along the way, there can be tragic results. If you require personal protective services for business executives, celebrities, pro athletes, or other important individuals, contact us here at Ranger Guard and Investigations by calling 832-924-8311 or visiting