Security Guard in Texas City


In various cities across Texas, private security guards perform a variety of duties. From conducting foot and vehicle patrols at a healthcare facility, conducting surveillance for a retail loss prevention program, or being in charge of crowd and access control at festivals and other special events, the role of private security guards has become much more prominent in recent years. Because of this, working with the best private security agency is crucial when preparing to hire a Texas security guard. To make sure the security professionals you select are indeed the best in the industry, work with the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Meeting the Needs of Clients

Due to the variety of clients in need of private security services across Texas, a modern security agency must be able to provide a multitude of services to clients. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, our decades of experience allow us to train our officers in the latest and most innovative security techniques. With businesses, special events, and various facilities facing threats from active shooters and terrorists now more than ever, we make sure all officers are trained in such areas as Defensive Tactics, Patrolling and Surveillance, First Aid, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, and Criminal Law. And because so many of our clients need special types of security, we also provide training in K-9 Security, Crowd Control, Bag Searches, VIP Protection, and Firearms to those officers who will be working these assignments.

Industry Compliance

Because there are numerous Texas security guard laws that private security agencies must adhere to, always select an agency that is in full compliance with state and federal regulations. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we strive to make sure our agency and its officers are always able to meet the most stringent licensing and certifications required in the private security industry. Along with working with a variety of federal agencies, we also work in conjunction with the Texas Department of Public Safety to guarantee all licensing and certifications are in place at all times. This is important not only to the security agency, but also to clients, since having guards on-site who are unlicensed or non-certified could lead to possible liability issues should a situation arise that calls a guard’s actions into question.

Investigative Services

While many clients believe private security guards only perform basic duties such as patrols and access control to buildings, many are also licensed as private investigators. Because of this, they are able to work a variety of cases for clients, including suspected cases of embezzlement and theft, vandalism, and other related situations. To make sure our guards are also trained in the latest investigative techniques, Ranger Guard and Investigations provides training in such areas as computer forensics, database searches, and surveillance. Therefore, when investigative services will also be required of a security guard Austin clients turn to the seasoned experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Immediate Results

When hiring security guards Dallas clients want to see improved results as quickly as possible. Whether this involves reducing or eliminating vandalism, apprehending shoplifters or employees who are stealing merchandise from a store, or other situations clients are dealing with each day, Ranger security officers are often able to produce immediate results due to their advanced training. In many cases, clients will see decreases in illegal activity of as much as 20 percent in only a matter of weeks. When this occurs, it has many positive effects. Along with decreased costs associated with property repairs, clients also see their insurance premiums decrease substantially as well, making their investment in the private security services of Ranger Guard and Investigations well worth the cost.

Unique Security Methods

While most private security firms use the same types of methods when providing services to clients, Ranger Guard and Investigations takes a different approach. An example of this involves patrolling and surveillance, which are key aspects of any private security program. Rather than do as most agencies and have officers patrol at the same times along the same routes, Ranger officers use a unique method that has officers constantly varying patrol routes and times. In doing so, it is then impossible for anyone to know when or where officers will be patrolling, resulting in greater overall security.

When in need of a security guard San Antonio property owners, businesses, and event organizers look to Ranger Guard and Investigations to keep people and property safe. To discuss your security needs with knowledgeable security professionals, call Ranger at 713-357-8225 or visit