Security Guard Firms


When a company or organization needs the services of a private security agency, it is vital to choose one that emphasizes such important aspects as teamwork, professionalism, and accountability. Along with these factors, security guard firms under consideration should also be able to provide security personnel who are highly-trained in the latest security techniques. However, because companies, organizations, and property owners have little knowledge of today’s security guard industry, it can be tough to know which firm to trust. Because of this, it is always best to work with a firm that is well-established and has a reputation for excellence and safety, such as Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Unarmed or Armed Guards?

In many situations when clients need private security guards at their facilities or events, the question is whether the guards will be armed or unarmed. This can be determined by a number of factors, such as the type of facility to be guarded, number of people who will need to be provided with security services, if prior threats have been received by the client, and other factors. But no matter what decision is made, Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide officers for these situations. If armed guards are needed, they will be properly licensed and certified in firearms training and other security measures. And if unarmed guards will be able to complete the assignments, they will be trained in defensive tactics, verbal deescalation methods, and also possess the necessary licensing and certifications as required by the local department of public safety.

High-Quality Personnel

When hiring corporate security guards, it is crucial they possess the highest personal and professional standards of conduct. With Ranger Guard and Investigations, this is a must for each individual we hire. Therefore, during the hiring process, we use a variety of methods to make sure our guards will indeed be the best in the industry. Once we have done an in-depth examination of an applicant’s personal and professional references, as well as a criminal background check, we then move on to giving an applicant a series of aptitude tests. These tests, used to determine if an applicant can use sound judgement when faced with various on-the-job situations, are a critical part of the hiring process. Finally, after we are satisfied with these results, all guards are required to pass stringent drug testing, which goes far beyond that which is required by most private security firms. Once all tests are successfully completed, only then will we hire an individual for a security position with our firm.

Valuable Experience

Along with being able to pass the strict hiring process we have here at Ranger Guard and Investigations, the majority of our guards also come to us having many years of valuable experience in related fields. In fact, many of our guards are former police officers, security officers, or military personnel trained in combat operations, intelligence operations, and other important areas. By having years of experience dealing with dangerous situations and many different types of people, our guards will be able to complete their assignments while keeping people and property as safe as possible.

Multiple Services

When finalizing a security guard contract, clients should always make sure the firm they have chosen will be able to provide whatever services will be needed. For example, if an organization needs private security for an upcoming festival, it should make sure the guards assigned to them will be skilled in crowd control, bag searches, patrol techniques, and other related areas of security. Or if guards will be needed at a large-scale manufacturing facility, a client should be sure guards at their facility will be able to perform patrols and surveillance, provide access control to buildings, and have training in first aid and evacuation procedures should an emergency occur.

Track Record of Success

When looking for security guards near me, always look for a track record of success within the industry. By doing so, you will be able to have peace of mind, knowing you will be working with security professionals who have helped numerous clients over the years solve their security issues. If possible, always ask for references of previous clients, then contact them to gain a greater assessment of the level of security services provided.

Whether you have a need for special event security for a concert, unarmed security for an office building, or patrols of an apartment complex that has had vandalism issues, contact the experts at Ranger Guard and Investigations to discuss your needs in greater detail.