Houston Private Security Information

When a company, property owner, event organizer, or even VIPs find themselves in need of private security services, they often have little idea of what they will need. Thus, in attempting to define private security, clients can often be very confused as to what services will be needed for their specific circumstances. For example, if a property owner is having trouble with petty crimes such as trespassing and vandalism, mobile patrols will likely be needed. And for a VIP such as a celebrity or business executive, armed guards knowledgeable in anti-terrorism and defensive tactics will certainly be part of today’s equation. But to learn more about how to decide what will be needed for your event or other private security matter, here are some facts to keep in mind.

Experience and Reputation

If you have a list of private security agencies in front of you, it’s a good bet you want to choose the one that has the most experience and has an industry-wide reputation for excellence. However, since there are usually many private security agencies from which to choose, figuring out which one is the best can take some time. But when it comes to the history of private security in Houston and surrounding areas, Ranger Guard and Investigations is widely-known by property owners, event organizers, and various law enforcement agencies as the most experienced, knowledgeable, and trustworthy regarding the safety and well-being of clients. With well over a decade of experience and placing a premium on hiring experienced officers and then equipping them with the latest private security training, Ranger Guard and Investigations is the go-to agency for numerous clients.

Private Security Cost

No matter the reason you are in need of private security services, it’s always best to inquire about the cost of these services as soon as possible when beginning a discussion with an agency. As with all businesses, costs will generally vary depending upon a number of factors. In the case of private security prices, an agency will examine how many officers will be needed for the assignment, the services they will be expected to provide, the length of the assignment, and other important factors. Therefore, to be sure all goes well, try to have a general idea of the various security services you expect to need, since this will help in figuring the cost.

Licensing and Credentials

While cost is certainly a factor when making your choice of which private security agency to use, also make sure it has the licensing and credentials required by state and federal officials. Otherwise, if an incident occurs and it’s found the agency your hired lacked certain licensing, you could potentially be held liable for damages. Therefore, always ask to see the state licensing, credentials from state and local agencies, and proof of insurance to verify the company can safely provide the services you need. And along with this, it’s also a good idea to check with your local Better Business Bureau, as well as with the state Attorney General’s office, to make sure there are no pending legal actions against the agency.

Training and Special Skills

If you are in charge of hiring security for certain events, such as concerts, sporting events, or festivals, it’s likely the officers who will be on duty will need to possess certain specialized training and skills. For example, if they will be keeping the peace at a festival, they will need to possess training in crowd control, bag searches, surveillance, and first aid/CPR. Or if you are hiring security guards to provide VIP protection in Houston, they will likely need to be trained and certified in firearms, defensive tactics, and perhaps even K-9 security. Whatever your needs may be, be sure to work with an agency that is willing to sit down and listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and offer a fair assessment of the services you will need to ensure all goes well.

Schedule Your Consultation with Ranger

To get the best results, it’s always smart to make arrangements for private security well ahead of your event, or as soon as possible once you feel as if a problem has arisen that requires extra levels of security. While there are certainly many private security companies in Houston from which to choose, more and more event organizers and others turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations. To schedule a consultation with an industry leader that has the resources and experience needed to handle all types of private security situations, call 713-357-8225.