Security Companies In Houston


When making any business decision, there are numerous factors that come into play. Among these are cost, services needed, how much knowledge and experience the company possesses, levels of customer service, and many others. This is especially important when comparing security companies, since the personnel employed by them will be responsible for the safety of both people and property. Therefore, it’s imperative to make the best decision you can when choosing a company to help with security for a festival, apartment or office complex, retail store, or perhaps provide individualized security services for business executives or celebrities. If you are currently examining local security companies in Houston to find the one that suits your needs, here are some important aspects to take into consideration before making a final decision.

Monitoring Services

As technology has made its way more and more into the security industry, many clients are now looking to add monitoring systems to their homes. With many of today’s homes being known as “smart homes” due to their ability to have appliances, doors, windows, lights, and more connected together through technology, many security companies now offer monitoring systems that tap into these aspects of a home. As a result, not only can security monitoring companies use their technology to monitor homes for signs of suspicious activity, but also give homeowners downloadable apps that can be used to turn lights off and on, open or close garage doors, and lock or unlock doors and windows from anywhere in the world.

System Costs

When a client is considering having a security system installed at their home, one of the biggest concerns involves cost. For many security system companies in Houston, this can include not only the cost of the system itself, but also monthly monitoring fees. As a result, many customers fail to account for the complete cost of the system, and sometimes find themselves surprised when the bill arrives. However, that is never the case when dealing with Ranger Guard and Investigations. After an initial consultation with a trained security systems consultant, they will often come to your home or place of business, examine the layout to determine the customer’s needs, and then give a detailed report, explaining each service and its costs. By doing so, customers can make an informed decision, knowing exactly what they will pay to ensure their property is monitored 24/7 by well-trained security personnel.

On-Site Officers

In the event a security monitoring system detects unusual activity at a residence or business, many steps will be taken by the security company. To begin with, owners will be contacted so they can be informed of the situation. And if the personnel on duty deem it necessary, first responders such as local police, fire, and rescue personnel will be contacted and dispatched to the scene. While this sounds like events that will take much too long to take place, the fact is all of this can be done in several minutes, enabling police and other security personnel to reach the scene, assess the situation, and take the necessary steps to maintain the safety and security of the property and any persons there at the time.

Supervisory Personnel

Because homes and businesses are being monitored 24/7, it becomes very important to have supervisory personnel on duty at all times as well. Therefore, when serious situations develop, they can take the lead and provide key instructions to staff, as well as offer information to first responders. If necessary, they can go directly to the scene, where they also coordinate activity between there and the monitoring center. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, all supervisors are well-trained, possess many years of security experience, and have demonstrated an ability over and over to handle a variety of serious and stressful situations in a calm manner, always exercising the very best judgement.

State-of-the-Art Technology

To ensure homes and businesses of clients are properly monitored, Ranger monitoring systems are state-of-the-art, utilizing the very latest in security technology. From cameras that can zero in on a person’s face or vehicle license plate to using biometric recognition systems that scan a person’s retina or recognize their voice, these systems are considered to be virtually foolproof security devices.

Have Your Questions Answered

Once you’ve looked at numerous high end security companies in Houston, you’ll quickly know that Ranger Guard and Investigations offers the best services at the most affordable prices. To get your questions answered by knowledgeable and experienced security monitoring consultants, call Ranger Guard and Investigations today at 832-924-8311.