Executive Protection For Businesses


Due to their high-profile jobs and the many decisions they make that can affect numerous people along the way, many business executives are looking to hire private security firms to provide protective services. Because today’s world is so unpredictable when it comes to those committing violent acts, executives have started to realize the importance of having well-trained security personnel with them at all times. Whether providing security during a business trip, at a board of directors meeting, or in other situations, executives often need security guards who are trained to handle a variety of situations. Thus, when in need of executive protection, companies often turn to Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Unique Security Skills

Since executive protection involves working in many different types of situations, the officers assigned to these duties must have a very unique set of security skills. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations provides its executive protection officers training in a wide array of security skills. Some of the most common include Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, First Aid/CPR, Criminal Law, and Weapons Training. Since it’s highly likely officers performing executive protection will be armed, Ranger provides firearms training and certifications, making sure those officers will be fully capable of using their weapons in a safe and professional manner.

Security Experience

Due to the various dangerous situations executive protection officers may deal with in the course of their duties, Ranger often assigns officers to these assignments who have previous experience in law enforcement or military service. Depending upon the nature of their previous careers, these officers may have in-depth training in police patrolling techniques, combat operations, surveillance, and intelligence gathering. By possessing experience in these areas, along with the training Ranger provides in private security and executive security techniques, guards on these assignments will be well-prepared to deal with numerous types of potentially dangerous situations.

Professional Demeanor

When deciding on executive protection, companies always want guards who will possess a highly professional demeanor at all times. Along with being able to provide unmatched levels of protection to executives, guards must also be able to interact well with the wide variety of people with whom they will come in contact during their assignment. To make sure this happens, any guards who may be given these assignments undergo a rigorous bout of extensive background checks, aptitude tests, and multi-tiered drug testing, guaranteeing those guards assigned to protect executives will be the very best in the private security industry. And along with their demeanor, all guards will also wear uniforms that are neat and pressed, polished shoes, have professional-style haircuts, and high levels of personal hygiene.

Specialized Services

Since all executive protection assignments are not the same, Ranger Guard and Investigations offer various types of specialized training to officers who will be placed into very unique assignments. Some of these services include crowd control, access and media control, surveillance, and K-9 patrols and protection. Whether an executive is part of a multi-national corporation or a small local company, Ranger realizes there are still numerous threats to their safety. From a disgruntled employee to a terrorist looking to make a statement on the world stage, Ranger Guard and Investigations never underestimates the possibility of a violent act happening. Thus, all executive protection officers will have certain specialized skills at the ready, which may mean the difference between life and death.

Emergency Services Coordination

In the event a violent situation occurs, Ranger guards who are assigned to executive protection details are trained in how to coordinate emergency services with local, state, and federal officials. By possessing this training, officers will be able to make sure anyone needing medical attention can be tended to as soon as possible, and they can also help police and rescue personnel with communications and establishing staging areas for various activities. In doing so, Ranger officers can help make sure a scene that may otherwise turn chaotic will be handled in a calm and efficient manner.

Learn More About Ranger Guard and Investigations

When it comes to executive protection jobs for high-profile businesses, companies regularly make sure their first phone call is to Ranger Guard and Investigations. Possessing more than a decade of experience in handling the most complex executive protection assignments, Ranger has the knowledge and experience needed to provide guards who can ensure the safety of executives. If you would like to learn more about the many services Ranger Guard and Investigations can provide to the executives in your company, call 713-357-8225 for a consultation.