Hotel Security Services


Hotels are designed to have new people entering and leaving them every day. It’s hosting people from around the world in a new exciting place that makes the hospitality industry such a fun and exciting environment!

It’s also why it’s crucial to have a rock solid security team. When people are on holiday they are vulnerable, since they usually do not know the local risks very well. They are also looking to have a peaceful and fun adventure. Nothing shatters this feeling of calm more than being the victim of a crime. So your hotel needs to keep visitors safe at all times. 

Hotels also have many unique security situations you don’t find in other venues. Staff need to courteously interact with guests and keep their experience pleasurable, while patrolling the grounds and keeping out thieves. This means you will need well-trained hotel security guards virtually everywhere. 

Here is what to keep in mind when choosing a private security company for your Houston.

Different Types of Security in Hotels

Every good hotel security plan starts in the same place, security services patrolling the grounds on a regular basis. This significantly reduces the chances of vandalism, trespassing, loitering, or more serious crimes occurring. Mobile hotel security guard patrols also help business owners reduce their insurance rates. Many hotels struggling with vandalism saw crime rates decrease significantly within several weeks after implementing mobile security patrols. This led to lower insurance premiums. 

Access control is also vital for hotel security. You never know when hotel security guards will need to eject someone who is too drunk from the premises or stop someone from sneaking into restricted areas. This is even more the case when you are hosting a special event, and you need security to check the guest list. Your guests have spent a lot of money on their  holidays and demand a secure hotel premises to relax in. 

Often hotels rent out their space for weddings, conferences and other special events. Each of these requires a different protection plan. Ranger Guard has the experience in hotel security necessary to provide top quality tailored security guard services for every type of hotel client that will put guests at ease while vigilantly securing your property.

Guest Hotel Room Security

Theft is one of the biggest security risks in the industry and one of the key concerns for security guards. Many Hotel Security Services bring valuable items with them on holiday, and ready cash for entertainment. Often hotel owners choose to provide safes for guests in hotel rooms to keep sensitive items such as passports. Because of the transient nature of the hotel population, theft is rampant, and guards have to be alert. You need visible security guards throughout the establishment so guests have someone they can speak to whenever they need assistance. A combination of security cameras and patrol routes helps ensure that theft is kept to a minimum, and if criminal activity does occur, the thief can be quickly tracked and apprehended by security staff.

A Security Officer’s Role in a Hotel

More than security in any other industry, hotel security services focus heavily on customer service and communication. Officers will usually be very visible in these assignments, so in addition to top level security skills, they have to be able to interact well with staff and guests. When situations escalate, officers need to be able to talk someone down quietly and efficiently. Ranger Guard trains all officers in specialized communication skills known as “Enforcement Through Reinforcement.” These verbal techniques help officers discreetly deescalate confrontations, keeping everyone safe while avoiding potential violence.

Ranger Guard trains professional security officers to handle any type of situation which may occur, in addition to the standard state and federal licensing and weapons certification. This includes anti-terrorism training, criminal law, defensive tactics, surveillance, patrolling, and firearms training where armed guards are utilized. Along with security training, all our officers are trained in basic first aid skills as well as CPR. This makes sure Ranger Guard officers can help hotel guests, staff, or others who may fall ill or be injured, and can often provide life-saving care until paramedics arrive.

As part of ensuring top quality customer experience, Ranger Guard places a great emphasis on ensuring all officers on duty at your hotel maintain an extremely professional appearance at all times. Even though the officers are not direct employees of the hotel, they will influence guests’ impressions. Ranger Guard officers understand this and prioritize projecting a positive, professional image as security professionals. Our guards always arrive on time each day in clean and pressed uniforms, polished shoes, appropriate haircuts, and with excellent personal hygiene. If there is ever a problem, whether with criminal activity or anything else onsite, our security supervisors are available by phone for clients 24/7.

Contact Ranger Guard today to book a free security consultation and get your hotel property protected by highly trained and properly licensed hotel security guards. We will help you draw up the appropriate security plans for your establishment. Ranger Guard keeps you safe.