Retail Security Services


When dealing with retail security, many factors come into play. While most people think only of undercover loss prevention officers walking a sales floor looking for shoplifters, it is much more expansive than this. In fact, much of today’s security in a retail environment involves sophisticated surveillance of not only a sales floor, but also of warehouses, parking lots, and other areas. Thus, it takes not only security personnel skilled in specific areas of traditional retail security, but also those who are trained in the latest technology that goes into keeping a retail area secure. Since this area of security involves a unique combination of keeping employees and customers safe, as well as protecting a store’s assets and the building itself, many details must be met along the way.

Shoplifting Prevention

In most retail stores, the primary focus of private security involves preventing shoplifting. A problem in retail stores of all sizes, shoplifting plays a large role in what consumers pay for products, since stores have to make up for the loss of products by ultimately raising prices. To eliminate shoplifting, stores can use a variety of methods. The most common is undercover loss prevention officers, who undergo many unique aspects of training in retail store security. These include not only criminal law, but also patrol techniques, customer service, surveillance methods, suspect identification, and much more.

Uniformed Officers

In some instances, stores feel the best deterrent to shoplifters and others who may want to cause trouble or harm is to have uniformed officers patrol the premises. When this method is used, they not only use the same methods as undercover officers, but also spend much time conducting electronic surveillance from a store’s control room. By using a variety of retail security devices, these officers can conduct surveillance on virtually all areas of a store, and can coordinate efforts with those officers on the sales floor to apprehend suspects.

Internal Investigations

While much of the merchandise shoplifted from stores is done so by customers, employee theft is also a major problem. Since employees have access to all parts of a store, it can become quite easy for them to figure out the best methods for stealing items. Because of this, Ranger Guard and Investigations can work with a company to conduct internal investigations into employee theft. Using officers who are trained in various investigative methods, this has proven to be a very effective area of private security for many companies. With many of these officers having previous experience in law enforcement, they are trained in surveillance as well as computer forensic analysis. With this training, they can delve into a store’s records and databases, often discovering records and other information that may have been altered by employees in an attempt to cover up their theft of items.

Patrol Techniques

As many retail stores have become larger in recent years, patrolling the building and grounds has become more complex and challenging. To overcome these challenges, Ranger Guard and Investigations has focused heavily on using innovative patrol techniques to make these tasks easier and more effective. Whether conducting a foot patrol inside a store or warehouse, or instead cruising the parking lot and other areas in a security vehicle, Ranger emphasizes the use of random patrolling in these situations. By doing so, employees and customers both will find it very difficult to determine any set patterns of patrolling. Whether on foot or by vehicle, patrols are never done at the same times of the day and night, and the same routes are never used back-to-back. Instead, patrols are always varied, making it impossible for anyone to determine if or when a part of the store, parking lot, or warehouse will be monitored for illegal activity.

Various Skills

When hiring officers for retail security jobs, Ranger Guard and Investigations wants only the best and most qualified. To make sure this happens, applicants undergo extensive aptitude testing, drug testing, background checks, and training to ensure they are well-prepared for their initial assignment. By demonstrating the correct skill set, personality, background, and commitment to keeping employees, customers, and facilities safe, Ranger can assure clients the officers who will be in charge of security at their store will be able to handle any and all situations.

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