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In major cities across the country, security has become a primary concern. From workplace and school shootings to terrorist attacks and other incidents, many people feel as if they have little control over what happens in the world around them. However, companies, schools, apartment complexes, and other facilities and organizations are now turning to private security firms for help in combating against those determined to do harm. Unfortunately, Dallas is not immune to various types of crimes, which is why Ranger Guard and Investigations is called upon by clients to be the first line of defense in a world that at times is spinning out of control. Considered one of the best security companies in Dallas, Ranger Guard and Investigations offers a variety of security services to its clients. If you are in need of private security, here are some primary services offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations.

Unarmed Officers

From local festivals to sporting events and maintaining security at apartment complexes, unarmed security officers play a pivotal role in maintaining law and order in these situations. Since the main purpose in these situations is crowd control and deterrence, unarmed security officers can be very effective in these areas. Although unarmed, these officers are nevertheless highly-trained in many areas, including communications, first aid/CPR, crowd control, patrol techniques, and other aspects of security.

Mobile Patrols

Whether an officer is armed or unarmed, mobile patrols play a crucial role in reducing crime at apartment complexes, office buildings, and industrial facilities. However, unlike many private security firms, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses very specific techniques in an effort to keep crimes from occurring. Rather than conducting foot and vehicle patrols at the same times each day and night, Ranger guards vary their times and patrol routes, making it virtually impossible for any pattern to be established. As a result, those seeking to do vandalism, burglary, or other crimes have difficulty doing so, and often give up in order to search for easier targets. Due to these innovative patrol techniques, most Ranger clients report a decrease in criminal activity of as much as 25 percent within several weeks.

Loss Prevention

If there is one thing today that continues to plague most retailers and employers, it’s customer and employee theft. Whether it’s a retail store or an industrial warehouse, chances are products and supplies are being taken on a daily basis. To keep this from happening, many companies now turn to private security firms such as Ranger Guard and Investigations for their loss prevention services. As a result, a Dallas security officer can perform their duties either in a standard uniform or in plainclothes, depending upon the situation. Along with this, they can use state-of-the-art monitoring and surveillance equipment and techniques to follow potential thieves and catch them in the act. By doing so, they can gather evidence that will be used in court proceedings, making it much easier to convict those guilty of these crimes.

Special Events

From a concert to a big football game, special events that draw thousands of people to one place have in recent years become prime targets for acts of violence. Because of this, private security officers are now routinely used at these and other public events in an effort to safeguard those in attendance. But to be truly effective at these assignments, officers require specialized training, and Ranger Guard and Investigations goes the extra mile to ensure this happens. Therefore, all officers who will be assigned to special events receive training in crowd control, access management, bag searches, K-9 security, Anti-Terrorism Tactics, First Aid, Emergency Communications, and Advanced Surveillance Methods. By possessing training in these areas, officers assigned to these events will be prepared to handle the most complex situations in a calm and effective manner.

Prior Experience

As private security takes on a much more vital role in keeping individuals and properties safe today, firms now place a much higher premium on attracting applicants who have prior experience in related fields, and Ranger Guard and Investigations is no exception. In fact, most officers employed by Ranger have backgrounds in law enforcement and military service, making them uniquely qualified to perform their duties in a variety of situations.

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