Allied Universal Security

As concerns mount for people everywhere regarding potential acts of violence, certain measures must be taken to ensure people’s safety. One of the best ways is hiring a private security agency to be in charge of such areas as patrolling, surveillance, communications, and much more. By having reliable security officers at a facility, you will have quality service professionals who not only possess years of experience and training in various areas of security, but also understand the importance of paying attention to even the smallest of details.

Local Professionals

Ranger Guard is a community staple in cities across the country. Our security guards are local professionals that know their cities well, and have many surrounding loyalties. By having a thorough knowledge of the area, we can notice unusual occurrences that perhaps officers from other agencies may ignore. As a result, our security guards can sometimes spot potential problems much faster, allowing them to keep everyone safe and avert possible disaster.

Hiring Only the Best

Since today’s private security guards may face a variety of very dangerous situations, it is imperative those who are assigned to businesses, schools, residential properties, and special events have the very best training as well as years of real-world experience. Since we believe strongly in this, we hire security guards who come from a variety of backgrounds, including many who are military minded. For example, some of our officers are former Israeli security agents who possess training and skills that are considered some of the best in the world. Along with this, we also hire many individuals from United States armed forces who have retired yet still possess excellent training, experience, and the desire to serve others. Finally, since we emphasize our local knowledge of the area, many of our officers also come to us from local and regional law enforcement agencies, allowing us to give our clients whatever services are needed.

The Latest Training

Due to numerous acts of violence that occur in a variety of settings, it is more important than ever for private security guards to possess training in as many areas as possible. Realizing this, we are constantly training our officers in a variety of skills. Some of the most crucial include Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Emergency Communications, Patrolling and High-Tech Surveillance, Deescalation Techniques, First Aid/CPR, and Defensive Tactics. By possessing skills that can be used in a variety of ordinary as well as dangerous situations, our officers will not only have the skills necessary to handle virtually any type of situation, but also the judgment needed to keep everyone safe.

Strict Hiring Procedures

When private security officers are needed for assignments at special events, office complexes, manufacturing sites, or other areas, clients need to know the officers who will be in charge of their safety have been determined to be the very best in the business. Because of this, we have some of the strictest hiring procedures in the industry, allowing us to guarantee our clients the officers assigned to them will be highly-trained professionals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. When hiring security personnel we rely on a number of methods, including aptitude tests, drug testing, and extensive background checks. Widely regarded as having the most stringent hiring requirements in the private security industry, we take pride in knowing our officers are viewed as the very best by clients across the country.

Special Security Situations

While in most cases clients hire officers for standard security situations such as surveillance, patrolling, and access control to buildings, we also have clients who need security personnel for specialized security situations. For example, should a concert or large sporting event need security personnel, we can supply officers who are trained not only in security basics, but also such areas as crowd control, bag searches, and K-9 security. Along with this, we can also supply officers who can handle VIP protection cases. In these situations, we often use our most highly-trained guards who possess extensive backgrounds in this area, such as ex-law enforcement or military personnel. Whatever the case may be, our officers come to these assignments well-prepared and ready to keep everyone safe.

Since it is impossible to know when or where a random act of violence may occur, it is always best to take every possible precaution when it comes to security. By doing so, you can be rest assured of spending quality time at work or another setting, knowing the best security professionals in the business are on duty.