Private Security Companies


In today’s world, it has become increasingly important to emphasize personal and private security. While in years past going to work, church, school, a movie theater, or even the grocery store was simply another trip from home, one never knows when a deranged individual or disgruntled employee may choose to act out in a violent manner. Due to these concerns, companies and other establishments are hiring private security companies for additional protection. When the decision is made to do so, Ranger Guard and Investigations is often the first call people make to find out more about private security services.

Expert Training and Experience

Since security concerns today are much more threatening than just a decade or so ago, training and experience play a much more vital role in keeping people and places safe. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, this means placing a premium on having security guards who have a wide array of training and experience especially for Diplomatic Security. In fact, due to our being one of the most respected military-minded security service providers, we hire individuals who have prior experience as law enforcement officers, former Israeli agents, military combat and intelligence personnel, and other related fields. By having officers who possess these levels of prior experience, we can add our training in Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Defensive Tactics, Criminal Law, and Surveillance to ensure clients will have officers on duty who are able to handle even the most serious situation.

Armed Security Personnel

In many situations, it is best if a client has armed security personnel on duty at all times. Whether it is a bank, school, museum, or other establishment , having armed guards on patrol can act as a strong deterrent to those who may be plotting an act of violence. While the vast majority of officers employed by Ranger have extensive backgrounds in armed forces, firearms, and weapons, we nevertheless provide our own level of training to ensure officers will be skilled in not only how to handle firearms, but also which situations may require the use of deadly force. Since these situations involve split-second decisions, it is crucial officers who are placed in these assignments are those who have the ability to use sound judgment and common sense. To ensure this is the case, Ranger Guard and Investigations requires all officers to undergo a variety of aptitude tests and multi-level drug testing before being hired for these important assignments.

Surveillance and Patrols

In any setting where private security services are needed, it is vital officers perform regular surveillance and patrols so that they can be constantly aware of what is occurring around them. Whether it is a large corporate complex or a residential community, conducting patrols and surveillance will put others on notice that security officers are constantly scanning for any unusual or threatening activities. At Ranger Guard and Investigations, we take this aspect of private security very seriously, and have developed security practices that make us one of the most powerful private security companies in the nation. Whether it is foot or vehicle patrols, our officers are trained to conduct patrols in random patterns, meaning they are never in the same spot at the same time each day or night. By doing so, this makes it difficult for others to establish a patrol pattern, enabling officers to always have the element of surprise.

Professional Appearance and Demeanor

Even though our officers are not employees of the companies and establishments where they are assigned, they are nevertheless viewed by others as the first people they often interact with upon arrival. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance all Ranger officers have a professional appearance and demeanor upon arriving for their shift. Thus, all officers arrive at their assignments wearing police-style uniforms that are always clean and neatly pressed, black shoes that are shined, and sporting haircuts and jewelry that are appropriate. By having a professional appearance and using excellent communication skills that make them easily accessible to everyone with whom they interact, Ranger officers have an excellent reputation for performing well in any setting.

Due to the increased importance of private security, it is more important than ever to make the right selection when choosing a private security firm for your company or organization. With our decades of experience and knowledge, Ranger Guard and Investigations can assist with virtually any type of security needs. To contact our firm’s head offices and learn more about our services, call 210-981-3410 or visit